I’m glad we went the other way

England took a wrong turn. The evidence is so glaring obvious that I’m sure most of them, at some level, realize it as well:

In May this year, the Met launched Operation Blunt 2, another high-profile initiative to tackle knife crime – again using special stop and search powers in high-risk areas and airport-style metal detectors. The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, announced a £5m package to tackle violent crime. Since then, 27,000 people have been searched, 1,200 arrested and 500 knives seized. Of those arrested, 95% have since been charged with weapons offences, the Met said.

Uncle has more evidence.

The problem is, even with the overwhelming evidence, they have too much invested in the decision. It’s too psychologically uncomfortable to admit they were wrong. It takes a great deal of character strength to admit you were wrong when you have invested 100’s of millions (billions?) of pounds and who knows how many lives lost in a scheme that was counter productive to your stated goal. They don’t have the strength of character to do that. Very few people would. It’s particularly difficult when you have social support for your conviction. There will be more and more proselyting for this failed belief system until they hit a very firm and undeniable dead end. That will likely be a exceedingly repressive police state. Getting themselves out of that will not be easy or pretty.

I’m so glad we managed to avoid that path into the abyss.


5 thoughts on “I’m glad we went the other way

  1. don’t get to comfortable. . . . we still have plenty of folks here that want to take our guns and push us into the abyss right behind the UK. . . . the fight is not over yet.

  2. I fully agree. You won’t find me advocating a relaxed attitude. I’ve been saying we need to make them politically extinct and that we probably will never completely win. And to do that we need a particular state of mind. This state of mind was deliberately chosen not only for it’s accuracy in portraying the evils of gun control but because it does not easily settle into a compliant “good enough” compromised position.

  3. The fight never ends. Just as disorder is more likely than order, oppression is more likely than Liberty. It’s a second law of thermodynamics sort of thing.

  4. Order is a state of mind. England is a lawless society now. The criminals are not locked up and the decent folk are prosecuted when they try to defend decent standards and property.

    What I do not undestand is the pervasive civility amoung the decent folk who are so timid they refuse to rise up in revolt.

    See this example The homeowner had 700 incidents and waited for 2 hours before he reacted/ That would not happen in this country.


  5. It takes effort to promote order, disorder is the result from not trying to impose order.
    Failure from the basic family to impose order from two parents to children. Failing to impose order on children so they evolve from savages. The police imposing order on the orderly since it is easier than the disorderly.
    The savages allowed to prey on the decent folk. The decent prosecuted as criminals fortrying to impose order.

    This is deliberate negligence on the part of government and the society.

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