Quote of the day–Alan Gura

That the colonists cared little about the prospect of having their guns seized is not the only ahistorical concept underlying Petitioners’ repudiation of the Second Amendment. Redcoats and Patriots alike would have puzzled at Petitioners’ notion that the Revolution produced an exclusive governmental right to operate an organized militia. The “well regulated militia” of the American Revolution operated not merely beyond the control of, but in direct challenge to, the King’s governors.

Alan Gura
Robert A. Levy
Clark M. Neily III
February 24, 2008
Brief on Writ Of Certiorari To The United States Court Of Appeals For The District Of Columbia Circuit.
[Sometime I should make a list of all the absurdities in the belief system of the anti-gun bigots that contributed to the Heller case. It would make for very amusing reading.–Joe]


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