Heller opinions

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I skpped to the bottom and found something I expected by Justice Breyer:

The argument about method, however, is by far the less important argument surrounding today’s decision. Far more important are the unfortunate consequences that today’s decision is likely to spawn. Not least of these, as I have said, is the fact that the decision threatens to throw into doubt the constitutionality of gun laws throughout the United States. I can find no sound legal basis for launching the courts on so formidable and potentially dangerous a mission.

Simply because it will be disruptive to existing (unconstitional) laws Breyer thinks that is a valid reason to allow the D.C. ban to stand. Try that reasoning on laws which mandate where minorities sit on a bus or which drinking fountains they can use and see what people think.


One thought on “Heller opinions

  1. You know, it is almost perversely amusing how, despite 40+ years of “civil rights” activism and all of the associated causes, trivializing and marginalizing a group of people that you or “the majority” do not agree with is still such a prevalent, and widely-accepted, concept.

    So much for equality and freedom and all that nonsense.

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