What happened to “never again”?

This is from Chicago so it’s not a big surprise they could find someone who thinks like this:

Rabbi Harold Kudan of nearby Temple Am Shalom went on record as challenging aggressive leaflets the gun lobby circulated a month after the shootings that claimed, “If Jews had been armed they could have fought the Nazis.”

“If Jews had guns in Nazi Germany, no one would have survived. It would have been an excuse for Nazis to kill with even greater abandon,” he told the assemblage, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Nazis didn’t stop killing because they finished the job they set out to do. They were stopped because men with guns, tanks, ships, and planes forcibly stopped them. Had the Jews been able and willing to put up some resistance, particularly in Eastern Europe in response to the police battalions, it would have significantly delayed the implementation of the Final Solution.

With a stated goal of ridding Europe of Jews entirely it seems unlikely the Nazis could have been motivated further. What would have the goal been had they had “even greater abandon”? Kill them twice?


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  1. The big irony here is that the Jews in Germany DID have firearms but laws were passed specifically banning Jews in Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland from owning firearms (Click here for more info) as well as disarming the populace in conquered territories. It frightens me that anyone would consider being herded like sheep to the slaughter a more fitting ending than fighting for one’s life…and even more frightening that they would accept that the fact that the Nazi’s only managed to eliminate 90% of the Jewish population of Germany and Austria is a measure of “success” for voluntary disarmament.

    Frankly, I’d rather have died in the Warsaw ghetto uprising after watching a Polish national and a ZZW (a mostly Jewish resistance group in Poland) flag fly for four days while the Germans struggled to remove them than to have drawn a card for a 10% chance of passive survival while cowering in the dark. I suppose I’d consider the latter a great misdeed in the light of my ancestor Christian Mercklen’s two enlistments in the Continental Army and other military sacrifices made by family members over the history of our country…YMMV.

  2. “”If Jews had guns in Nazi Germany, no one would have survived. It would have been an excuse for Nazis to kill with even greater abandon,” he told the assemblage, according to the Chicago Tribune.”

    A chilling quote, steeped in pure evil. These people are the unwitting tools of future roundups, providing moral backup to the greatest of crimes.

    How did we get here? Or have we been at this stage all along? Regardless, you don’t need to understand this thought process to be completely repulsed by it.

  3. We got here about 100 years ago, when socialism became extremely chic among the American East Coast “intellectuals”. FDR was a child of that movement. Don’t forget that prior to Hitler becoming known as a raving murderer, he had plenty of open, unabashed support in this country on ideological grounds. To paraphrase a statement from the book, “There is more democracy in Germany today than in the United States.” A few short years after that statement, there had been 10s of millions killed by that wonderful “democracy”.

    There seems to be an attitude among some of the Jewish intellectuals that I can’t explain. I was listening to one guy several years ago, who did not drive. He lived in the city, and was rather proud of not having a driver’s license, and for having to be driven around by others. It was as if he took pride in not having to bother himself with such base trivialities as operating a motor vehicle, when there were so many higher pursuits. There can be no doubt that this same man would be disgusted with the idea of learning marksmanship, or any form of physical self-defense.

    It seems to me that this way of thinking attempts to turn a weakness into a virtue. I can understand it to a point, but I don’t respect it.

  4. Life imitating art?

    Jewish Official: You’re only making it worse for yourself!

    Matthias: Making it worse? How can it be worse?

  5. Yeah, I read a book about that. Good stuff but such occurances were rare. I think I understand how it came about but I can’t understand how the present day Jews manage ignore the historical lessons.

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