Class III firearms in Kansas

Via a tip from the Apex of the Triangle of Death I discovered Kansas is considering allowing private citizens to possess suppressors, machine guns, and short barreled shotguns again. Here are some articles on it:

Here is the existing law. Here is the House bill that quietly repeals it. Here is the Senate Bill with which it must be reconciled.

The Kansas House approved this bill by a vote of 105-18!

And speaking of pack animals and conforming with the herd, this is from another news story on the Kansas class III issue:

The House gave final approval to a bill allowing dealers, manufacturers and private citizens to own machine guns, which would bring Kansas in line with all but a handful of states.

“I don’t pass judgment on why people want to own anything — Mercedeses, mink coats, diamond rings, fully automatic weapons,” said Rep. Candy Ruff, D-Leavenworth, a sponsor of the measure.

The emphasis is mine.


4 thoughts on “Class III firearms in Kansas

  1. Most states are class three? Interesting. I only know about the status of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. I suppose I know about Cali too. I guess I assumed most states are like WA–not class III.

  2. Don’t have _too_ much interest in a machine gun but I sure would like to have a couple of _usable_ suppressors. Washington state is pretty screwy about them: you can own one, even put it on a rifle, but it is a crime to actually use it to suppress the noise of shooting a gun. Go figure. It mystifies me as to how that “stops” any crimes.

  3. “It mystifies me as to how that “stops” any crimes.”

    Because, silly, if it’s illegal, then criminals won’t do it. The criminal therefore must shoot you with a loud gun, and if a criminal shoots you with a loud gun, you’ll be safer. See? Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

    ” It mystifies me as to how that “stops” any crimes.”

    The same way Prohibition stopped alcohol related crime.

  4. Haven’t heard a word yet on what Gov Sebelius would do with this, but I expect an immediate veto and a pile of weasel-worded crap about how we don’t need people taking machine guns into schools.

    Not so hot and bothered about full-auto myself, but suppressors would sure be nice.

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