Quote of the day–Jack Brian McGee

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, not a single American political theorist or legal commentator on the Constitution ever suggested a collective rights interpretation of the Second Amendment. Joel Barlow, for example, writing in 1792, argued that in a democracy “the people will be universally armed: they will assume these weapons for security, which the art of war has invented for destruction”. Only tyrants, he wrote, “disarmed their people”; “[a] republican society”, he argued, “needed armed citizens”.

Jack Brian McGee
Brief of the Alaska Outdoor Council, Alaska Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, Sitka Sportsman’s Assoc., Juneau Rifle and Pistol Club, Juneau Gun Club, and Alaska Territorial Sportsmen, inc. as amici curiae.
[Only tyrants disarm their people. Remember that.

Only 11 more days until the oral arguments.–Joe]