Follow the money

I recently found out about the site It’s a site for environmentalists with a significant slant toward the viewpoint, “It doesn’t matter what the cost is if it’s for the environment”. What I found most interesting was the reason for the creation of the site. It wasn’t that MS management particularly shared that viewpoint. It was that there was a major sponsor willing to spend advertising dollars on such a site. MS threw the site up in record time and started collecting the dollars because the viewpoint all MS management does agree on is, “Don’t leave loose money on the table.”

Similar analysis of many of the anti-gun groups reveals money is the significant motivator for them too. For example gets grants from the Joyce Foundation. The one guy that runs that family of sites gets hundreds of thousands of dollars plus all the donations he can get by dancing in the blood of victims whom most would have had better survival chances had they been armed.

There are no principles–it’s all about the money. Just look at me and all those wheelbarrows full of cash I get for accepting marching orders from the Apex of the Triangle of Death.


One thought on “Follow the money

  1. Would it be moral for me to try to get Joyce funding to run anti-gun sites? I mean, besides us gunnies, nobody reads the Gun Guys, so it’s not like I’d be hurting our cause. I could hire a encephalitic monkey with cataracts to do the writing (it would be just as logical) and at the same time drain cash from the enemy.

    And does that guy really make hundreds of thousands of dollars? Because that’s funny.

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