Bigot on the public payroll

The school VP suspended a kid because he had a pen with a Glock Logo on it.

I’d show up to pick up my kid with my lawyer while wearing this shirt:

Then I’d give the VP a copy of 18 USC 242 and tell the VP I was going to visit the Federal Prosecutor next. The tone of my voice would scare him far more than the words I used.

In Moscow Idaho my daughter (above) actually wore the shirt you see above to school. She only showed it to one teacher, but still, he thought it was cool.

H/T to Uncle and Bruce.


One thought on “Bigot on the public payroll

  1. For reference see also 42USC1983. This is the civil side (read $$$$) of 18USC241/242. Most LE’s have this one drilled by their Academy and/or Agency ad nauseum. Lawsuits are expensive!

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