I blame global warming

Sunday night I drove from my home in Moscow, Idaho to my secret bunker in the Seattle area in preparation for another week of work for The Borg. The road was compact snow and ice from home to Vantage when I got on I-90. Most of that drive was across the desert of Eastern and Central Washington.

Yes, desert. Othello, Washington only gets about 8.4 inches of precipitation per year. A desert is defined as getting less than 10 inches per year. The picture below was taken a few miles east of Othello:

Quick! Tell Algore global warming is destroying our deserts!


4 thoughts on “I blame global warming

  1. You know that “Global Warming” causes cold weather, warm weather, and especially all bad weather.

    I think I may have heard somewhere that “Global Warming” even causes more people to post winter photos on their blogs.

    Everything that happens around you, and even inside your head, should be taken as proof of “Global Warming”. To be a “Global Warming” denier then is to deny existence itself. Since denying existence is insane, you are obviously insane and should be dismissed out of hand if not imprisoned for your own protection.

    No. The proper, serious, level-headed response to any and all unpleasant weather would be to stop, get out of your car, pause dramatically, summon your best Charlton Heston Voice, shake your fist at the sky, and shout at the top of your lungs;
    “Damn you Republicans! Damn you all to helllll!” as you drop to your knees in horror, anger, and despair.

  2. Barb is on her way over to the Seattle area to visit right now. She just passed Dusty on highway 26. Ahead of her Snoqualmie pass is closed but is projected to open one lane each direction soon with all wheel drive or chains required. She has the Jeep with studded snow tires and chains with her so as long as she takes it slow she should be fine. I’m still not entirely comfortable with it though…

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