Quote of the day–Ayn Rand

A perceptual consciousness is unable to believe that ideas can be of personal importance to anyone; it regards ideas as matter of arbitrary choice, as means to some immediate ends. On this view, a man does not seek to be elected to a public office in order to carry out certain policies–he advocates certain policies in order to be elected.

Ayn Rand
Philosophy: Who Needs It, page 49
[I don’t need to point out the application of this quote in the current space-time context.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ayn Rand

  1. Looking for a fool to rush in here…

    Oooo Pick me! Pick me! Me Me Me!!!!

    That would have been Fred running on principles more than personality, which I why I locked on to him.

    Sadly the more personality he showed the better he did in the poles (too little, too late).

    Oddly the personality hounds have started picking up many of the principles which Fred espoused (and will likely drop them the moment the election – or their utility in the campaign – is over).

    Just another stupid ideologist (and egoist – h/t Rand) I suppose…

  2. Er that would be Polls… I doubt NE Europe had much to do with it.

    Yes, English is my second and only language – sad isn’t it?

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