Quote of the day–Chris Summers

Guns can provide an intoxicating and almost pornographic attraction to young men who often feel powerless, according to academics in the field.

Chris Summers
November 12, 2007
Who carries guns and why?
BBC News
[The actual report is here. What is interesting to me is the report does not include the words “porn” or “intoxicating” in any form. Apparently Summers is just making stuff up.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Chris Summers

  1. Of course. Anything men do is for the purpose of compensation– because of some physical or mental defect, usually related in some way to sex, don’t you know.

    It reminds me of a less sophisticated attempt at the same, over on Oleg Volk’s livejournal site. Someone made the following comment there: “Guns are for fags!”

    I submit that it tells us something about the people making these assertions, but nothing else. It shows you what they think, for example, of our police, security guards, and military. It could mean that they feel powerless, are obsessed with men and/or with sex, and that they are projecting these feelings onto others. Envy plays strongly in the equasion too, as I point out here:

    Oleg replied by saying “Yes, they are” (for fags) and pointed to the pink pistols web site:

    Works for me.

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