Objectives of the gun controllers

The internationally organized bigots are a little more open about their objectives than are the ones in the U.S.:

All our objectives are predicated on the belief that the interests of public safety demand a reduction in the availability and attractiveness of guns of all kinds.

  1. Minimum age of 18 for the ownership, use and possession of all guns. 
  2. One certification system for all legal weapons i.e. rifles, shotguns, airguns. 
  3. Certification of all deactivated weapons. 
  4. Multi-shot rifles and shotguns to be banned. 
  5. Practical or Combat shooting or any other shooting practice which involves the simulation of real life situations and/or the use of human shaped targets to be banned.

We recognise the existence of a significant minority interest in shooting for sport, and our proposals are aimed at striking an appropriate balance between the sport-shooting interest and the overriding interest in public safety.

Notice that self-defense is not recognized as a legitimate use of firearms. In fact they call out practice for self-defense to be banned. The most basic human right, the right to defend one’s own life, should be forbidden. People that advocate this are not worthy of living in society. They should be be in prison or hung just as the Nazis in Nuremberg. They are participating in crimes against humanity. Our country has laws against conspiracy against rights and if they touch foot on our soil they should be arrested and put on trial.


2 thoughts on “Objectives of the gun controllers

  1. To me, #1 is the most odious. I see it as a gateway to not only try to prevent anyone from being raised as a Person of the Gun, but it also seems to be a way to create backdoor prosecution of parents with firearms (since what constitutes Use and Possession?

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