I wonder if this means anything

The Seattle Times has an almost unbiased article on the Heller case and the U.S. Supreme Court. What’s really interesting to me is they didn’t get any comment from the local anti-gun organization Washington Ceasefire. I haven’t paid that much attention to local politics for several years but I remember several years ago when Washington Ceasefire had the local media eating out of their hand. It seemed like it was several times a month when the media would, essentially, print their news releases. And now with big news happening on the gun rights issue the local bigots are not to be heard. Their website shows no real activity since April of this year.

I looked at Ceasefire Foundation of Washington (non-profit branch of Washington Ceasefire) finances and updated my spreadsheet of anti-gun finances but didn’t learn a whole lot. Their pattern correlates closely with that of other anti-gun owner organizations. But it hasn’t, as of late 2005, gotten into what would appear to be a desperate situation.