Quote of the day–Spider Robinson

Because there’s no way in hell the two of you together can take Allen, if you give him the slightest chance.

I’m serious, Russell. Trust me on this, all right? Backshoot him, the second your sights bear, or I promise he will kill you for days. Longer days than you can possibly imagine.

Zudie, a character in Very Bad Deaths, page 175, by Spider Robinson
[It’s possible one can imagine taking the law into your own hands. Robinson sets up a situation. In this case a telepath gets knowledge of a brutal murder about to occur. It’s a true vigilante justice situation. It’s a good story.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Spider Robinson

  1. Except that somewhere near there in the narrative, in order to prove how evil Allen is, he compares him to President Bush. Made it hard for me to continue reading.

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