Silly isn’t the right word

Uncle is correct in saying “feeling threatened by an empty holster is beyond silly”. Bigoted is the word I would use. The same as if people felt threatened by blacks wanting to use the same drinking fountains. Perhaps even more so.


3 thoughts on “Silly isn’t the right word

  1. The thing which shocked and offended me about the drinking fountains when I encountered them on an educational trip thru the south as a youngster was that there was a water cooler for the whites and a warm water bubbler for the colored, right next to each other. No pretense of separate but equal.

  2. Bigoted, yes, and following it by “downright insane” comes closer, methinks.

    But here’s the explanation– an action line:

    “However, if any faculty member or student feels genuinely threatened, they should feel free to call the University Police Department.”

    Call the police and tell them you were threatened at gunpoint. The police will, in fact, find a holster on the “suspect”. The “victim” felt “genuinely threatened” after all. You finish the story.

    So you’re right after all, Joe. It’s driven by pure hatred– bigotry.

    Oh, but on-campus Protest was so cool, so hip, and so totally American when it was being done by dope fiends and socialists.

    I’d say if any of them “feel genuinely threatened” they should check into a mental institution. Either that or move to the Muzlim sections of France.

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