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A gun range exposes kids to a lot more than just lead dust. It also exposes them to the fascination of shooting guns.

Shooting ranges and rifle clubs have plummeted over the last several decades which used to be a “gateway” for youngsters into target shooting. From there, gun marketers hoped teens would grow into adults and become gun owners and hunters. But now the gun industry and lobby have taken more extreme measures. To rescue its declining gun market the gun lobby is desperately trying to lower the hunting age in several states to lure children into the industry’s “gun and hunting culture”.

The Gun Guys
October 18, 2007
Gun Range in Middle School Should Close Now, Not Wait Until 2010
[It’s interesting he uses the same terminology frequently used to reference recreational drug use. Apparently in his mind firearms and recreational drugs are morally equivalent.–Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

  1. It’s a shame Gonzo isn’t in a position where people would take him seriously. If he were a prominent politician or media figure, he’d make great fund raising material for the gun rights movement.

  2. When you are a druggie (or a fanatic), everything is looked at through the prism of your drug of choice or your fanaticism.

  3. Paul Helmke started that trend by coining the phrase “Gun Pushers” on his blog. As for the “declining gun market”, I just did a post the other day showing how that’s a myth perpetrated by playing w/ numbers.

    Not like we can expect anything close to honesty from the Joyce Foundation though.

  4. In Texas, we have the idiocy of the “Youth Hunter Safety act”. which is legislation designed to increase the number of hoops a hunter has to jump through therefore reducing the numbers of hunters, especially YOUNG hunters. The course is pure bureaucratic bullshit, by the way.

    This all happening when numbers of whitetail deer are at a world-wide record in the continental United States to the point where the whitetail could be dislisted as a game animal and hunted like a pest to the benefit of the environment.

    But it’s working….the bureacracy is growing bigger and richer!

  5. “Apparently in his mind firearms and recreational drugs are morally equivalent.”

    Yup. That’s why the framers of our Constitution wrote the Second Amendment– to help maintain this plague we call “Liberty”.

    And banning certain drugs has cured the problem so well, he figured he’d work to repeat this overwhelming success?

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