Someone thinks they are a mind reader

Someone apparently believes they can read my mind from reading part of my blog. And she thinks I have problems:

By Sheryl, 10-07-07
I checked that guys site out, very disturbing. I found the home life thread especially very disturbing. Any grown man that likes to brag about intimate relations with his wife on a public blog has some real personal problems. Using sexual terms to generate more search engine hits in conjunction with posts about his children saddens me. What an awful environment they must have grown up in. It frankly disturbs me even more that such a person has access to assault weapons and explosives.

Such a dark world we live in.

I left the following comment but was told “Akismet thinks your comment is spam, so it will be moderated first.”

Sheryl, I regret to inform you that you are unable to read my mind or my motives. The only thing truthful about your comment is that which you shared about yourself–you are disturbed.

Update: Interesting… someone else’s comment, again very negative, showed up but my comment and that of Miss C don’t. Does the moderator have an agenda?


6 thoughts on “Someone thinks they are a mind reader

  1. I find it interesting that you can read into what my life must have been like growing up, from a Blog on the internet. I feel sorry for your ego, because you are very wrong. I was very happy growing up. My dad was very fun, and took good care of his family. I think you need a better hobby than trying to predict home life for people you’ve never met. All three of us kids are doing well. My brother has a great job at Microsoft, my sister is in college, and I am happily married.
    I don’t think we could have accomplished that with a bad upbringing/home enviorment.

    Love you Dad!

  2. Yeah, it was a terrible environment to grow up in, because, we, like, always went on family vacations, we did well in school, our parents love us, and like, we went to the dentist every six months. It’s like our parents took care of us or something. What the hell. Yeah, it was terrible.

    -The Other Daughter

  3. She says, “Such a dark world we live in.” Projection.

    Yeah, civil rights suck, and talking about defending civil rights sucks.

    That tells us quite a lot about her, doesn’t it? And as long as second-guessing is the tactic of the day: In her world view, the whole world sucks, people suck, we’re all on the verge of a disaster of our own making (most particularly of the U.S.’s making– due to our free market system). Have I got that right, Sheryl?

    Now I’ll bet my second-guessing is more accurate than Sheryl’s.

    I was approached recently by a leftist who shall remain nameless, who said I should lay off the politics. I should just live my life, not be so contentious, and not worry about what’s happening in Washington or on the State capitals or in the city council. I replied that I would like nothing more in all the world than to be left the hell alone– that as soon as people lay off attacking our civil rights, I will be more than happy to lay off politics, and to get on with my life. Would that it were so.

    So I’ll tell all the ninny-nannies out there who believe that we have far too much freedom– anyone who has a desire to tell other people how to live, how much money they shouldn’t be making, or what they can and cannot own: As soon as you get the f^%k off our backs and mind your own business I will lay off. Until then I’ll be defending human rights in my country first, followed by human rights in other countries, as long as socialism exists or until I’m physically unable. See? You want me to shut up, It’s that easy. You first.

    A “dark world”? Maybe when leftists are around with any power. Take away their power and we can just laugh at them. Take away the socialism, the despotism, the anti-Americanism, and this is a very, very bright world (but not for the socialists of course– their outlook starts with the premise that people are a disease on the face of the Earth, and works from there).

  4. I tried to leave this comment but received an error from the originating site. So here it is:

    You, Sheryl, have access to explosives. You can probably find some basic pyrotechnic ingredients in your very own kitchen.

    Lay off Joe & his wife. Their family is great. Wonderful kids. It’s my understanding that they once helped someone else’s child because the kid’s parents were abusive losers. It’s probable that child would’ve been, or could still be, living on the streets as a runaway if it weren’t for the Huffman family.

    And I’m certain Joe doesn’t write about human sexuality solely to generate search engine hits. He’s just progressive and open-minded.

    Why must you be so fearful, Sheryl?

  5. Talk about smug. Maybe she should get one of these puppies and save herself a lot of money on gas costs:

    Marge: Aren’t you coming, Ed?
    Begley: I prefer a vehicle that doesn’t hurt Mother Earth. It’s a go-
    cart, powered by my own sense of self-satisfaction.
    [Begley attaches a wired-helmet to his head and quickly
    drives off]
    — “Homer to the Max”

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