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Thursday night we left the Huffman-Scott compound in the care of Caleb, Kim, and Xenia and headed to Missoula Montana. The next morning we went on a walk along the Clark Fork River:

We continued on to our time share condo in Columbia Falls and today went hiking in Glacier National Park. We hiked to Avalanche Lake. It is stunningly beautiful country. But it is also Grizzly bear country. And of course operational firearms are “illegal” in National Parks. I put illegal in quotes because the people that enacted and enforce that “law” are in violation of 18 USC 242. I’m hoping the Parker/Heller case will be a stepping stone to fixing that issue.

It’s a small world. Over two miles off the road up a rocky hiking trail, at the edge of Avalanche Lake, we had the couple on the left offer to take our picture together. We agreed (picture above this one) and we took a picture of them together with their camera for them. We talked a bit and Barb asked where they were from. “Idaho”, they said. “Where in Idaho?” we asked. “Troy”, was the reply that shocked us. Troy is about ten miles from Moscow where Barb and I have our home. It turns out that Barb works with one of their friends and knows several of the people they know.

There is a loop at the bottom of the trail, about 1/2 of a mile long, that is suitable for wheelchair bound people. Some of it is almost artistic in layout.

We are still in Columbia Falls at our condo. No easy Internet connection. I’m sitting in the lobby of the lodge to get a connection. Blogging will be light for a few more days.


3 thoughts on “Vacation pictures

  1. Wow. I wish that I had places like that closer to me. I have to drive 5 or 6 hours to get something not nearly as impressive.


  2. It was probably about seven hour drive then a 30 minute walk for us. Of course we can approximate it on a much smaller scale with a drive to the Orofino (Boomershoot’s closest town) area with about a 1.5 hour drive.

    You want “impressive” pictures? I’ll try and post some more tonight with that in mind.

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