Quote of the day–Rick Keene

There are so many ways to game this technology, that’s the difficulty. This is not ready for prime time.

Rick Keene
September 11, 2007
Assemblyman, R-Chico.
Handgun stamping bill sent to governor–Spent shell casings would be imprinted
[Yup. Advocates of this are either exceedingly simple minded and/or just want to increase the difficultly of gun ownership.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Rick Keene

  1. This is happening, predictably, in a state where just a few years ago the police gave maps to our employees attending a convention, showing the gang-controlled sections of Los Angeles that visitors to the city were advised to avoid.

    Does anyone else see the pathetic irony in that?

    Now these people tell us they have the brilliant solution we’ve all been waiting for. After who knows how many billions of dollars spent on CA law enforcement and criminal justice each year, microstamps will finally, once and for all, make this nagging crime problem go away.

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  2. What a crock!
    The “guns of choice” will simply become revolvers.

    Besides, the casings aren’t the problem.. it’s the bullet.
    No, that’s wrong, it is the gun..
    No, that’s wrong, it is the operator of the firearm.

    They just keep missing the point.

    Address crime directly, with an armed populace.

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