Quote of the day–Judy Bassingthwaighte

Guns destroy and kill and they are a threat to our democracy.

Judy Bassingthwaighte
Director of Gun Free South Africa
January 24, 2006
[I always find projection interesting. Guns are what protect the people from a government turning tyrannical and she gets it precisely backward. I remember having a conversation with one woman who totally agreed the press was extremely biased. But she believed it was biased against liberals. Projection is just one of many tools utilized by anti-gun bigots with mental problems.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Judy Bassingthwaighte

  1. “The media” (what a useless collective phrase) is biased for statism, and against freedom, except for the freedom to steal from your fellow man under color of law and without fear of reprisal. Left? Right? Two hairy cheeks surrounding the same smelly sphincter.

  2. Guns DO destroy and kill, under the proper circumstances. And it is that very threat by which they are able to preserve democracy. I’ll bet the 77% of the Tutsi population that was massacred in Rwanda would have given anything for some modern firepower. But alas, they had all been disarmed, most likely “for their own safety.”

    I used to like the statement popularized by Charleton Hesston about prying my gun from my cold dead hands. I now prefer the modernized version: You can have my gun when you can find it under the pile of spent brass, and then pry it from my cold dead hands.

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