Does the law apply?

Vi Ry and Reason. A 80 year old man was shot and killed by undercover police after he told them to leave his property. He brandished a gun and they shot and killed him. Witnesses say the officers never told him they were undercover. What would the law do if it had been real drug dealers that had shot and killed him? Would they be prosecuted? Almost for certain. Assuming the witnesses are correct, what law says the police are held to a different and lower standard? Will they be held to the same standard as any other person that did the same thing?

Don’t count on it. The police are out of control and a good portion of the reason is because of the war on some recreational drugs. It’s time the legislature declared victory and gave it up.

Update: More info on the case (thanks to Steph for the link):

Police are now conceding that Singletary was completely innocent. The Jacksonville sheriff describes him in this article as an “honest citizen trying to do good.”

Which means that two undercover officers trespassed onto Singletary’s property. They then invited criminals onto his property to engage in criminal activity with them. Mr. Singletary, recognizing the trespassers as drug dealers, then properly demanded they leave. He brought a gun along to defend himself, not an unreasonable action, given the circumstances. For this, he was shot to death.

These police officers should be treated exactly the same as any other private citizen who shot to death a private citizen under similar circumstances. I.e. trespassing while engaging in a transaction involving illegal drugs. “The kings men” do not have special, unwritten privileges that places them above the law–both legal and moral law.


One thought on “Does the law apply?

  1. Thanks for your posting, Joe.

    As a fellow supporter of self-defense, it’s so rare to hear pro-gunfolk actually speak up about the drug war flop.

    There are absolute parallels between “gun violence” and the “drug war.”

    In regards to the issue of guns + drug war disaster, I’d like to see more chatter from self-defense supporters.

    I’ve learned to stray away from most “pro-gun” people because they refuse to recognize how “gun violence” goes hand in hand with the illogical “war” on illegal drugs. These are the conservative dorks who get their panties in a bunch over freedom for self-defense and their right to keep and bear arms, while at the same time, they think it’s ok for government to go nosing into/budging into/shooting at people’s business regarding illegal drugs.

    The death of Isaac Singletary hits home — I’ll post more later.

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