They make my head spin

This guy is totally incomprehensible to me:

Progressives can close this gun gap and make significant inroads with gun owners by staking out an aggressive position on guns that reflects both the majority view of gun owners and non-gun owners, and responsible policy positions to keep America safe.

This moderate view supports the Second Amendment, new laws like those designed to close the gun show loophole, and the strenuous enforcement of existing gun laws.

  • By a margin of 92-7%, voters support improving the background check system to make instant checks faster and more accurate (90-9% among gun owners). 
  • By a margin of 90-9%, voters support closing the gun show loophole (85-13% among gun owners, and 83-16% among those who have attended gun shows!).
  • By a margin of 77-21%, voters support renewing the assault weapons ban (66- 32% among gun owners).

Moreover, for every one of these proposed laws, voters overwhelmingly believe that a progressive can support each measure and still be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

If this is “strong support” for the 2nd Amendment I’d hate to see what opposition to the 2nd Amendment would be. Of course he doesn’t say actually say they are supporters of the 2nd Amendment. He just says voters will believe it.

It reminds me of the first “User Friendly” software came out in the late 80’s. The software vendors had a bunch of labels made up that said, “User Friendly!” and slapped them on all the boxes in the warehouses. The great majority of the people weren’t fooled then and we shouldn’t be fooled by this shyster either.

Update: I’ve been asked where the survey data is. What survey showed such numbers? I don’t know anything more about this particular survey that what is on the website I linked to. What I do know is that almost for certain the questions asked were carefully chosen to give the desired results. For more details on how this is done please see the, very technical and scientific, article Sorry, Wrong Number; Why Media Polls on Gun Control are so Often Unreliable (scroll down or do a search on the page).


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  1. It’s always really disappointed me that so many gun owners are willing to hang themselves with their own ignorance. I’d like to believe these polls don’t capture an accurate picture, but I’m afraid they probably do.

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