Another Normal Day in Israel

From my friend in Israel this morning:


Breaking news is that in the morning’s barrage of Kassam rockets on the northern Negev towns (it is a regular going-to-school-time event) there were killed and wounded. So far the count is 3 rockets overnight and 8 rockets this morning .

Today is, “What you may not have heard on CNN or FOX News.”

Today’s word is “Insanity.”

Three separate parts of the same terrorist organization, Fatah, declared open season on anything and everything American because the USA vetoed the “UN resolution condemning Israel for the Massacre in Beit Hanun.” If they were not firing rockets into Israel there would be no fire returned from Israel. Fatah is the PLO Chairman’s group. They are the ones being armed and trained at breakneck pace by the USA as well as being armed and supplied with ammo for the AKs and M16 they are receiving from Egypt, Jordan and even Israel (Israel’s leadership is no better than anyone else’s) with America’s blessing, if not at America’s behest.

The Iranian President just announced he is willing to talk to the USA (if the USA behaves correctly), but in the “fine print” of his speech Ahmadinejad proudly proclaimed he will have his nuclear fuel production ready by Spring. Someone in the West better start a countdown that ends before Iran’s countdown ends.

Enormous amounts of arms (more advanced and of enhanced ability) are pouring into the Gaza Strip. That what happens when you let the “policing” to someone other than yourself, in this case the Egyptians. Now our leaders are taking it one step further. There are discussions to further open (full-time) the Rafah Crossing (Egypt-Gaza). This continuing US State Department brainchild would have the PLO Presidential Guard (you may know them as Force 17, exceptionally good at conducting terrorist operation) deployed to secure the border crossing. That is like putting the drug deal[er]s in charge of the security at the border crossing between Mexico and San Diego.

I worry about my kids getting hurt on the way to school– from traffic, fights, strangers, and such.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that some people worry about getting hit by rockets every single day.  I wonder what happens to the American intellectuals (the Leftists and journalists who want us to believe they have a monopoly on compassion, and another on understanding) when they hear about these things.  No, they can’t mention it, can’t even think about it, if it doesn’t further their political goals.