Quote of the day–Jeff Cooper

The passage of the Brady foolishness was a foregone conclusion in Washington – despite its blatant unconstitutionality – as soon as we lost the election of `92, thus it comes as no surprise. What is really awful is the unblushing profession that while the bill itself will do nothing at all, it is still necessary to “make a statement,” as if the legislators meant that they were going to do something. You and I will not be inconvenienced by any five day waiting period, since we already have our guns, as all proper members of the United States Militia must have. The idea that our lawmakers can profit from doing something silly, and admitting that it is silly, makes one more than ever doubtful about the merit of the democratic process. Alcibiades pointed out that it would never work, and that was some four-hundred years before Christ. Perhaps he was right after all. 

Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 1, No. 11
10 December 1993
[I don’t think it can seriously be claimed that the democratic process “will never work”.  It doesn’t work as well as we would like but it does work better than anything else that has ever been tried.  Unfortunately human nature is such that those that crave the power of government seldom have the strength of character to abide by the restrictions placed upon them by the same laws that give them their power.–Joe]