Awesome letter to Kevin

Kevin, over at The Smallest Minority, received a letter from one of his readers today.  I read it a little while ago.  A contributing factor is that I’m really tired right now but I started crying when I got to this part:

My dad, however, was a survivor of Auschwitz. My grandparents were murdered there. And it is now a cliche, but it’s true, the ‘average’ Jew could not defend themselves. So that got me to thinkin…and then seeing how it starts to look like America could end up like many S. American countries, with gated communities and barbed wire or broken glass up on the walls of the compounds…and I used to think this was the siren song of the Cassandras, but New Orleans showed that ain’t necessarily true…well, all this speaks of the need to have some protection.

This is the part that has to make Kevin really puff up in justifiable pride:

You’ve helped me understand a great deal of things I otherwise might not have. I had a lifetime bias against guns…still won’t say I like ’em, but that’s that cultural bias I mentioned, and having one for self-defense is not the same as enjoying killing.

Although it scares some people he should now understand my post Why Boomershoot?  And although many people think I’m paranoid for my Jews in the Attic Test I doubt he is one of them.

He’s looking for someone in the St. Louis area to take him shooting for the first time.  I would go and supply an assortment of firearms and the ammunition if someone wants to cover my travel expenses.  I’m a certified NRA instructor, I’m a high class B IPSC shooter, I do pretty good with a long range rifle, and further credentials are here.

Thanks for sharing Kevin.  That was really great.

Update: I have a pledge to cover the air travel with excess frequent flyer miles.  If I could get a little bit more to cover a couple nights in a cheap motel I’ll cover my meals.

Update2: I now have pledges to cover all my expenses.  Now it just depends on if Kevin’s reader wants to accept or not.


4 thoughts on “Awesome letter to Kevin

  1. Thanks, Joe. My correspondent has recently undergone hernia surgery (resulting in lots of time in front of his computer) but he won’t be ready to go to the range for a couple of weeks, at least.

  2. I expect my current lack of employment situation will be unchanged for at least the next month. Let me know if he wants to take me up on it.

  3. Ry, I don’t think I would need more than half of that. And I certainly wouldn’t take that much from you. Thank you.

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