D.C. Mayor is so confused

Washington D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, a Democrat, apparently has some sort of mental problem.  This was reported about some things he had to say yesterday:

Bitter about efforts to loosen gun restrictions in the US capital, Washington’s mayor yesterday told Congress to stay out of the District of Columbia’s business and contrasted the fight for democracy abroad with the lack of rights for the city’s residents.

In wielding its budgetary power over the district last week, the Republican-led House voted to prohibit the city from spending funds to enforce a 29-year-old gun control law requiring any firearms kept at home to be unloaded and disassembled or protected by a trigger lock.

”It’s really no one’s business other than the citizens of the district,” Williams told reporters. ”It really is so galling when you’re fighting for rights overseas, to build democracy overseas, and then you have the capital of this country just totally disregard any kind of home-rule consideration.”

Apparently he is concerned about his “rights” as mayor to deprive the citizens of their inalienable rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  A reminder to Williams–governments have powers, people have rights.  And in this country governments have enumerated powers.  If they aren’t give those powers by the people in the constitution then they don’t legitimately have those powers.  And our Bill of Rights says, “… The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Alphecca has a slightly different, but entirely supportable, view on the same thing.