Clueless in so many ways

I get email about once a day from Gun Guys.  They are rabidly anti-gun and put their own perverted spin on the news.  For example on this story they have this to say:

Rapper Lil’ Kim Disappointed To Only Serve Time For Lying About A Shooting.  Serving Time For A Shooting Is WAAAAY More Chic.

Of course just being anti-gun qualifies them having mental problems in my book, but now they comment on the London bombing which should put them into that category with a lot more people:

It’s a humbling reminder that for all the talk about safety and self-protection, no amount of firepower can avert an attack like this.  No amount of violence can ensure such attacks won’t occur again.  Perhaps the world will gradually realize that talking your differences out is much easier and more ethical than shooting them out.

“Talking your differences out”?  Osama sent us a letter and told us he was done talking.  He said either submit or prepare to fight.  And these “gun guys” claim “No amount of violence can ensure such attacks won’t occur again?”  Get a clue guys!  How many villains have faced a firing squad and gone on to be repeat offenders?