Their warped view of reality

Maryland just initiated a state program to license retired police officers to carry concealed handguns, making Maryland one of the first states to implement new federal laws expanding gun rights for retired and off-duty officers.  Idaho (YEAH!) and Arizona were ahead of them as might be expected.  The governor, Robert Ehrlich, was a supporter of the change and said this:

 “This is good public policy that will make a safer state, which is why I am very proud Maryland has led.”

But a barking moonbat gun control advocate had this to say:

     Leah Barrett, executive director of the gun-control group CeaseFire Maryland Inc., said allowing officers to carry a gun anywhere at any time is “essentially dangerous.”
    “We have too many guns in this country and too many people carrying them,” she said. “Accidents happen.”

While cleaning out my room in Richland yesterday (I’m all moved back to Idaho now) I found my copy of the JPFO booklet Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?  Of course Ms. Barrett is a walking, talking example of a mental problem but I’ll post a few items from the booklet later today to help you identify the specific problems you see in these fruitcakes.