The Timidity is Now Long Gone

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But that timidity is now long gone — a turnaround attributable to increasing Democratic electoral dominance in Colorado and growing gun reform activism that’s been fueled by a local backdrop of mass shootings as well as grimly routine gun violence and suicides. A new cadre of Democratic lawmakers have embraced firearms policy in a big way. They’ve been spurred on by an expanding voter base that, rather than punishing them, has shown up to the Capitol to demand they do more.

Nick Coltrain and Seth Klamann
February 4, 2024
Gun control was once ‘electoral kryptonite.’ Now Colorado Democrats are emboldened — and prepared to act

I see this as an opportunity. The further they go the easier it will be to get the courts to agree it violates the 2nd Amendment. Then getting another ruling that builds on the first is easier, and so on. It is a slippery slope that leads to their “doom.”

And be sure to keep your lists and evidence files up to date. They will come in handy when the trials start.


13 thoughts on “The Timidity is Now Long Gone

  1. Given gun control never really seems to work to lower crime of any sort, you’d think that eventually, rational people would start looking for other causes and solutions.

    Then again, as Mrs B has put it, “have you met people?”

    • When you realize they are not rational, but evil / tyrants / psychopaths / sociopaths, then it starts to make a lot more sense. Actual cause-effect means nothing to them, consistency means nothing to them, truth means nothing to them. Words are just a means to power.

  2. The timidity is long gone — along with any pretense that:
    – It’s just a few, common-sense, reasonable regulations.
    – Nobody is coming to take your guns.
    – Nobody is trying to take your guns.
    – Gun registration is only needed to help solve murders.
    – It’s only a background check.
    – It’s only a permit-to-purchase/license-to-own.
    – You can keep your guns.

    Or any of thousands of other false statements they’ve been gaslighting us with for decades.

    Now that the pretense has dropped, the people see that no amount of “common-sense, reasonable” regulations will ever be enough for them. People see that no amount of ridiculous, unreasonable restrictions will ever be enough. People see that the gun-banners won’t be satisfied until private gun ownership is completely outlawed and all hold-out gun owners and their families are exterminated … by government agents, using guns.

    The timidity is gone, and along with it any semblance of civility.

  3. IMHO They don’t care what the court rules for or against.
    How will the SCOTUS impose their rulings? How many divisions does the Supreme Court have? ( Sorry JS)

  4. As Archer says. Gone are all the other pretenses also. Especially the one about democracy lording over foundational law.
    Laws obviously don’t mean crap to Nick and Seth. So why they spouting crap about “we got law”? Whom do they think there is left to have that discussion with?
    The feral hoard they have been illegally importing aren’t going to give two dead fly’s about law. So why should the rest of us?
    Klaus and Bill sure don’t.
    The illegal who beat up the New York policeman. Then walked out of court flipping everyone the bird?
    Well, I couldn’t possibly express my sentiments toward Seth, Nick and company better. They need to get use to it. That’s law in America now.

  5. People aren’t showing up. It’s a puppet show orchestrated by bloomies money and lead mommy demanding action henchman who lives in Boulder. Their psychopathic cult shows up on paid demand. Channel 7 news runs their communist propaganda on que creating a false narrative of demand. The useful idiots who get fat stacks of blooms money jump when told to.
    There is no demand. There is plenty of propaganda.

  6. Depending on the courts is a losing strategy. It is the only tactic available in places like CO but in the end it loses. Eventually the Left will control the courts as they already do in many places. Not to mention CJ Taney (er Roberts). And we are neither voting our way or shooting our way out of this mess. The only solution is divorce.

    • Indeed. No matter how many precedents we set in favor of freedom, all it takes is one precedent-defying (or precedent-redefining) SCOTUS decision to blow it all away for a generation. Why do you think the Left is so fixated on “remaking” the Supreme Court, if not to overturn Bruen, MacDonald, and Heller (among others)?

      Depending on the courts and challenging already-enacted bad laws are defensive moves. The problem with playing defense is, if we lose, we lose ground, but even if we win, we gain nothing; it just reverts to the status quo. We’ll never gain anything that way.

      The greatest gains are being made in the States that are actively repealing bad laws and passing good laws. That’s playing offense, and it’s gaining more ground than anything the courts could give us.

      We will never expand freedom in the courts. Just keeping what we have requires us to win every single time, while the anti-freedom caucus only needs to win once.

  7. I think your whole dream of trials for those who violate the rule of law and tread upon those they are supposed to serve is just that, a dream.
    The useful fire that we started to serve our basic needs has turned into the fearful master we were warned about. Ben Franklin? I forget who.

    Any trials that hold these detestable criminals to account will be less ‘formal’ and feature torches and pitchforks.
    There is a nagging thought that we will end up in a period that will be quite similar to the dark ages.

    • George Washington.

      Yes, I know it is a dream. I don’t know if it will become a reality. But I do know that if we don’t dream it, then the best we can expect is the nightmare.

  8. Doesn’t matter what the courts say…unless the leftists like what they say.
    To paraphrase Stalin….’How many divisions does the Supreme Court command?”.

    Meaning the left simply DOES NOT CARE what a court says if they don’t like it.
    There is NO LEGAL, PEACEFUL method left for us to hold them accountable.
    So they REFUSE to be held accountable.

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