A Tidal Wave of Gun Law Reform

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One of the greatest, perhaps the most dangerous, foes that we face in the gun violence prevention movement is hopelessness. It’s a feeling that nothing can make this problem better.

Chip Brownlee
January 16, 2024
Could International Pressure Ultimately Strengthen U.S. Gun Laws?

This is an indicator that the anti-civil rights crowd is on the verge of total collapse. We just need to get a few federal appeals courts slapped down by SCOTUS and I think there will be a tidal wave of reform.

See also New anti-gun group hopes foreign lawsuits will increase domestic ‘gun control’ (jpfo.org).


5 thoughts on “A Tidal Wave of Gun Law Reform

  1. Seems to me, rather, there’s a bifurcation happening.

    Some states are trying to tighten as hard as they can. Massachusetts and New Mexico, for instance, are in the process of moving forward some of the most restrictive and abusive gun laws in the nation.

    Meanwhile, some restrictive states are losing in the courts, at least at lower levels (e.g. California just lost their ammo ban), but those seem, to a greater or lesser extent, dependent upon a handful of judges who are willing to take guidance from the Supreme Court as it was given.

    While all this is happening, there are no penalties – except maybe not getting reelected – for politicians who knowingly pass laws not in accord with the Constitution (both Federal and, for state-level pols, state constitutions). So they keep pushing harder and harder.

    And this is just guns. Analogous situations are ongoing with respect to border security, defense, energy, environment, the justice system, et cetera. Lots of pressure points building up, in lots of areas (physical as well as political) it seems to me.

    Interesting times indeed.

    Something has to give somewhere.

    • The next president (likely Trump) will be presiding all those pressure-points exploding in the next few years (and/or this year prior to the election in an attempt to derail said election), leaving the door open for all kinds of opportunities and changes.

      Oh, it’s a presidential election year in Russia, too.

      Exciting times.

    • Exactly. It is another example of the Great Sort. I should welcome it as another milestone on the road to the National Divorce but in the meantime it is screwing up my life.

      By the way, all of those Benetiz decisions so far have been overturned by the 9th Circus and the Supreme Court just sits there. Depending on the courts is a losing game.

  2. “GAGV is representing the government of Mexico in two lawsuits against U.S. gun manufacturers and gun dealers..”
    Oh that’s rich. Wonder if they’re going to go after Obama and Holder for running guns into Met-t-co?
    I’m sure 2,500 AK’s and Glocks have accounted for more than a few bodies hanging from bridges. Or, Oh no senor. They gave them to good people to protect themselves. They don’t no nothing about no stinking cartels.
    And would Mexico like to answer for all the drugs manufactured on their side of the border? And the damage done? Human trafficking, theft, rape, and murder? No?
    OK, we’ll take Baja, and the first 100 miles south from the US southern border as reparation. Can you be out next week?
    It is one of the best signs of desperation I’ve seen in years. We should put nothing passed the commie-clowns. (Especially after the Trump settlement.) But in general good news on their losing argument.
    Clownwars, continue they will.

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