I’m Going to Live Forever or Die Trying

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The exposure-response relationship suggested that consuming around 3 cups of tea or 6–8 g of tea leaves per day may offer the most evident anti-aging benefits.

Yi Xiang, Hao Xu, Hongxiang Chen, Dan Tang, Zitong Huang, Yuan Zhang, Zhenghong Wang, Ziyun Wang, Yangla, Mingming Han, Jianzhong Yin, Xiong Xiao, Xing Zhao,
November 21, 2023
Tea consumption and attenuation of biological aging: a longitudinal analysis from two cohort studies

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I just increased my tea consumption. It was about half that.

This is just another step in my master plan of living forever or to die trying.


3 thoughts on “I’m Going to Live Forever or Die Trying

  1. Not sure about the health benefits of black and green tea. I like both. And do indulge on a regular basis.
    What I really like is pine needle tea. Super high in vitamin C. (It will cure scurvy. And keep it at bay.)
    I have a beautiful little Japanese black pine. That I regularly pull sprigs off and eat/tea them. Delicious!
    And your spot on, Joe. It’s a fight to the finish. And always has been.
    “Then out spake brave Horatius, captain of the gate:
    To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late.
    And how can man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers. And the temples of his Gods.”
    When we all are willing to fight and die well? Communists pee themselves.

  2. I have an 88 yr old mother. When my wife tells her she has another twenty years to go: “Dear God, don’t wish that on me!”
    Her main social activity is keeping up with her Dr., her shrinking circle of friends, and reading the obituaries.
    Oh, these friends aren’t‘unfriending’ on social media. They are dying.

  3. >…one weird Trick!1!
    Eventually we’ll see it was a flawed study. It’s always a flawed study.
    There is no magic pill. No ones genes will be edited or repaired by leaves put into a pouch full of acids and dissolved.
    You either exercise every day or you die at 68-72.
    Healthy diets don’t include ‘cheat days’.

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