Anti-Gunners Crazy Beliefs

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Anti-gunners believe all kinds of crazy things which aren’t true. Those crazy beliefs do tend to have the common denominator of bolstering their sense of moral supremacy though.

gunsandrockets @GunsAndRockets1
Posted on X January 10, 2024

Part of their problem is they do not have a process for determining truth from falsity (Peterson Syndrome). They have a set of beliefs based on what they feel. If feelings do not match reality that does not matter. Their feelings, and therefore beliefs, remain intact.


2 thoughts on “Anti-Gunners Crazy Beliefs

  1. Yes, and moral supremacy generally stems from high self-esteem. Everyone has feelings that they act upon. (Mostly what’s wrong with the world). But not everyone acts like they’re morally superior to everyone around them.
    To me, it’s that coupling of high self-esteem with feelings-based morals that is the killer of civilizations.
    It’s the sense that your entitled to do the horrible acts, because, your you.
    Very few people feel good about killing, raping, torture, stealing from others, even communists. So why is it the hallmark communism?
    Moral superiority. The Margue De Sade of political systems. satanism.
    (I’m convinced they call it communism because they want to hide the true spirit of evil that runs amok in this world. The atheism brand is a thin veil, but it covers that nicely.)
    And it starts by teaching self-esteem in kindergarten.
    Instead of teaching the “fear of God”, is the beginning of all knowledge. Remember those days?

  2. This is why for many people, perhaps a significant majority, facts and logic simply to not mater. Dialectical argumentation falls on deaf ears. Rhetoric, memes, hitting them in the feels, is the only way to change their heart or mind on a position.

    As someone who is fact/logic/dialectic driven, I find this intensely frustrating at times. But it’s the reality we have to contend with when interacting with normies.

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