A Message of ‘Repeal the 2nd Amendment’

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The Disarmament Regime is beginning to show signs of frustration as it shifts hard toward a message of ‘repeal the 2nd Amendment’. They know they cannot win within the existing framework. We must be more prepared than ever for what lies ahead.

Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy
Posted on X February 17, 2023

On our current path, ultimately, we will win. But our opponents will try, and are trying, desperate measures.

Prepare appropriately.


7 thoughts on “A Message of ‘Repeal the 2nd Amendment’

  1. Simply repealing the 2nd Amendment would not make a different if the judges are honest. That point was made when the Bill of Rights was up for ratification — I believe it was the MA ratifying convention where it was observed that the BoR is redundant. And indeed it mostly is, when considered as limitations on Federal power: everything it prohibits is something that wasn’t authorized by Article 1 Section 8 in the first place.

    Of course, people then correctly realized that the most important freedoms need to be protected redundantly. But even without the 2nd Amendment, there’s still the 9th and 10th and Article 1 Section 8 as arguments against Federal gun controls. For state controls, those don’t help, but in many cases the state constitutions provide the answers; they just need to be enforced. Strangely enough given its current far left leanings, Vermont is a classic example — “Vermont Carry” came from a state Supreme Court decision enforcing the state Constitution, a century ago.

    • Excellent analysis from both of you. It can’t be said enough.
      Just as the constitution lays no burden upon congress in any manner over how we breath.
      Congress should take it upon themselves to tax your right to breath under the interstate commerce clause, and levy a tax on it? 11%-10,000%? Or maybe a breath stamp, with a $5,000 application fee at birth with annual renewal tax. To be decided on an ongoing basis?
      We, as well as our forefathers know they would if they thought they could actually pull it off. In fact that is exactly what they are trying to do with a CO2 tax.
      The absurdity of regulation/taxation of either is the same.
      Tyrant weeds that need constant hoeing.
      The upside is a nationwide hysteria to repeal the 2A, coupled with the border invasion would certainly bring more people to read it for how our fathers intended it to be used.
      Not a bad thing considering what’s about to happen here.

  2. And we are of course dealing with people for whom “ends justify means” seems to be a cornerstone principle. Dangerous times ahead.

  3. We are losing. Not only our rights but the entire country. You have a number of states, the Federal government, lots of lower courts and more localities than I can count engaging in open nullification of Bruen and the Supreme Court does nothing. They are more concerned with their precious process and perhaps party invitations than the Constitution. Meanwhile, millions of invaders stream across the former border, nothing has been done to have honest elections and most of the Democrats and a majority of Republicans are pimping for war, here there and everywhere.

    It is too late to save the country. We can save the Constitution in our redoubts if we bite the bullet and separate from the cities.

    • I wouldn’t surrender just yet. My Stalinist Sister-in-Law was complaining about Rent Control about a month ago, so she might be feeling the pinch and eventually come around with some sympathy for others similarly situated.
      It probably won’t be soon or quickly, but combine that with my nephew who just wants to be left alone, and as the Boomers and the follow-on group (X? Y?) there might be a sea change.

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