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I’ll shut down the FBI & ATF and here’s one more reason why. A voter in Iowa recently reminded me of the story of Ruby Ridge & the Weaver family. In 1992, Randy Weaver sold a sawed-off shotgun to a federal informant & was then surrounded at his cabin for refusing to appear in court. First they killed his dog, then they shot & killed his son, *14-year-old* Samuel Weaver. His wife, Vicki, also was shot & killed by an FBI sniper while holding their 10-month-old daughter inside their house. Weaver was later acquitted & awarded a $3mm settlement by the DOJ. Another classic case of entrapment & a disproportionate, politicized abuse of federal police power. I will *shut down* toxic 3-letter agencies like the FBI & ATF that are beyond the point of incremental “reform,” using my Constitutional authority as U.S. President to do it.

Vivek Ramaswamy @VivekGRamaswamy
Posted on X January 9, 2024

I would vote for that.


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  1. He’s a snollygoster who will say what you want to hear, and yes, it does sound good, but even if he were elected, he’d do none of that. Bait and switch by a controlled pol. Don’t fall for it.

  2. NSA too. You’d think an agency concerned with “National Security” would include communicating vulnerabilities they discover to affected stakeholders in information architecture so they can be fixed.

    Nope. They held these exploits close to the chest and utilized them as surveillance tools until the tools were leaked to the public and hundreds of billions in ransomware damage occurred.

  3. NEVER, gonna happen. NEVER.
    The machine is too penetrated, too big and too powerful.
    Then there is Scotus, Media, Hollywood.

  4. Controlled opposition is telling you what you want to hear. All the while knowing the fat chance it ever happens.
    With the amount of people in power actually talking and doing something about the voter fraud that put Joke Biden in the White house?
    We don’t ever have to worry about Vivek getting elected. Or anyone else thinking such thoughts.
    The fix is in for a Trump/Biden moron circus. Que the Trump will be a dictator-street fighters, rioters, and MSM hysteria all the while they will just shut-down voting and add Biden votes till they win. Just like they did last time.
    That’s how communism works.
    And as Matt Bracken is fond of saying. A plan to ride the tiger is completely different than actually riding one. That cuts both ways.
    Vivek is giving us a warm fuzzy nuzzle. But that’s all it is.
    Go look up Ross Perot and his control opposition so Clinton could win. And how if Clinton’s healthcare system would have gone through Perot’s company would have been running information system for it.
    They know were rubes because they’ve been playing us like we are for over a 100 years now. Probably a lot more.
    Ain’t nothing going to change till they pull the plug.

  5. Nothing against Vivek because his informant, like most conservatives, probably didn’t understand it was the US Marshals who killed Weaver’s son (and dog). The marshals would be the normal enforces of a FTA warrant but rather than simply arrest Weaver, they chose to sneak around in the woods on his property. When discovered by the dog, they shot it. Weaver’s son seeing an unknown party shoot his dog, returned fire and was shot in return. Weaver’s friend then shot the marshal. Only then was the FBI called in for the final killing.

    I recount this because I constantly see conservatives advocate making the US marshals the only Federal law enforcement agency. They are bad guys too. The list of bad guys here should also include the judge and prosecutor. Weaver always maintained he didn’t refuse to appear but was given the wrong date. The documentary evidence in murky but does provide support. And of course no list of bad guys is complete without Bill Barr.

    • Everything you said is correct. When the incident occurred, I lived a few miles away, and it deeply affected me. I bought my first gun because of that.

      • Lonny boy? Not a member of the federal marshals. FBI HRT. So trained and skilled at his craft he missed Randy Weaver at a 110 yards. Hitting him in the shoulder rather than center mass. Randy standing still with his back to him. (Better shooting I’ve seen from half-drunk rednecks, first thing in the morning.)
        Showing slightly more skill, but more bloodlust (admitted in court under oath), He managed to pull off a running shot at Kevin Harris. The bullet going through a door, Vicki Weavers throat, just missing her baby she was holding, before hitting Kevin in the shoulder also.
        Shutting down the FBI/ATF? That was 1992. Now they’re down to going after mothers speaking out about child exploitation. And bump-stock bans.
        While the ferals run the streets.
        Sorry, they don’t have a use anymore. If they ever did.
        But I wouldn’t advise anyone to hold their breath waiting for our newly voted in messiah to disband them.

        • Long time since I thought about the Weaver details.
          SOF magazine had some of their pro’s look at that situation. Those snipers pointed out that with the standard HRT ‘scope mounted, what Lon could see was very restricted at that short distance, and he wouldn’t have been trying to track a running target. That would have been the job of his spotter, armed with an M-16. They concluded that the spotter was the shooter that wounded one of them at the shed.

          They posited that wounding one of them at the shed where the son’s body was laid out was deliberate, with the objective of getting the wife to open the door without being blocked by the men. She was considered the group’s power base, and the feds wanted to remove her to end the standoff. Lon couldn’t get a shot at her inside the cabin. SHE was the target, anyone else hit in the process was irrelevant. I don’t recall if he and his spotter were even in the same hide for that finale.

          • HRT bitch Lonny admitted in open court that he wanted to kill Randy Weaver.
            I think that fixed 10x scope on a heavy barreled Remington 700 was more than the punks shaking hands could handle. Aiming for Randy’s spine and pulled his shot.
            Your positing shooting Vicki through the door was actual pre-mediated murder?
            I won’t put murderous pre-mediation outside FBI-HRT purview. (Lavoy Finnicum comes to mind.)
            I just doubt the bitches could coordinate that well under stress.
            SOF after-action aside.

          • The SOF guys talked to Lon’s classmates, and they stated that he was a person who would blindly follow orders from superiors. Lon was seen, and photographed, at the Waco Children’s BBQ, and SOF investigators found a pile of empty brass at his hide there.

            Last seen living in Hawaii after retiring.

  6. Assuming someone other than Joe Biden is elected in November, it will be interesting to see how, and what, cabinet appointments are made, and for what purposes.

    Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education; that was a mistake. DeVos is a champion of education bureaucracy, not the person one would want to charge with eliminating a worthless federal agency.

    Whomever (other than Joey B) gets elected should appoint people to head selected agencies with the stated, and fully understood, mission of shutting that particular agency down completely and totally, within 3 years. If that were to be done, even on a limited scale, I’d think Ramaswamy would be a good agency head. Some agency has to be first, Education is the obvious easy target, but zeroing out BATFE would send a better message.

    I realize that there are a number of agencies which have some functions that will not, and possibly should not, go away, BATFE’s tax collection duties being one of those; Agriculture has the development and test farm in Beltsville,MD and – supposedly – supervises food quality; Labor does data analysis that offers some value; Energy does some necessary regulation in the nuclear energy arena; part of the Department of Commerce keeps an eye on, well, interstate and international commerce; Treasury, or at least part of it, handles money printng and minting and the quality thereof, and so on. Individual departments within those agencies do provide worthwhile functions, which does not necessarily justify 30,000 people on staff when it’s only several hundred who perform the most valuable tasks.

    So, regardless of whomever is the best presidential candidate, here’s my vote for Vivek Ramaswamy as head of BATFE, may he set the standard for reducing the size and intrusion of the United States federal government and lead us by example into future prosperity (I do not rule out Ramaswamy as a possible candidate for Attorney General because that might offer a better position to perform the radical downsizing of Justice, FBI, BATFE, and a couple others).

    • Could we work in a limit on government service of 10 years max, or something similar that would deter people from looking at fed work as a lifetime goal?

      • I have long espoused Constitutionally limiting terms of elected office along the lines of “No more than 5 terms, or portions thereof, in elected office in the United States, no more than two of which may be in the same office, any such service shall constitute a lifetime prohibition on receiving rumuneration from any government in the United States” as well as a 15-year limit on “employment by any government in the United States” coupled with a ban on government-sponsored (or paid) health care or retirement benefit.

        The sole exception being “salary, benefits and retirement commensurate with rank in the armed forces of the United States.” (Which, unless well managed, will result in 100 Colonels per Private and 200 Generals per Corporal. Which is a particular problem we suffer now, so there has to be some sort of limit on length of service above the rank of Major/Lt Commander.)

        The first kills the “lifetime political class” where someone starts as a candidate for dogcatcher and winds up 30 years later in the Senate, the second makes employment in government a stepping stone to Something Better.

        Government service should be, first, an opportunity to serve one’s country and second, an opportunity to learn and develop one’s skills and abilities, not a lifelong sinecure.

        And, in other news, we’ll all come to live on the Rock Candy Mountain, have chocolate at every meal and live happily ever after in a land of sunshine, bunnies and butterflies.

    • “Agriculture has the development and test farm in Beltsville,MD”
      Work there? Live nearby and enjoy the view? It’s an Oddly Specific example…
      And one clearly made redundant by dozens of agricultural colleges. Keep Cutting.

      • Don’t live near there, never have, no idea what the view is like, I’m just aware of its existence because of the results they’ve published and how much money they cost, and among the functions of the federal Department of Agriculture they’re probably one of the very few that’s – maybe – worthwhile.

        Can the ag colleges do that job? Probably. Can they do it better? Dunno, but probably would have more focus on regional stuff than bureaucrats outside D.C. So, if we shut down the Ag farm in Beltsville, what’s your plan for replacing the research that comes out of it? How will you monitor what the multitude of Ag colleges do? (not that – probably – anyone is monitoring very much of what comes out of Beltsville, except maybe the tired guys across the country who own tractors).

        Next, should we have Harvey Smith’s printing shop in Dubuque making legal tender twenties, or should that stay with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Treasury?

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