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I don’t understand how one can look at Jewish history and think that leaving Jewish security unto others is a winning strategy.

Josh Hamme
December 12, 2023
Can you guess which demographic group is now taking advantage of the Second Amendment?

Self defense using the best available tools is a basic human right.



13 thoughts on “Look at Jewish History

  1. I have been told that, since Oct. 7 2023, antisemitism in America is markedly up… and it was alarmingly high before that. (Overseas, of course, it’s worse.)

    The same source told me that, since Oct. 7, American Jews applying for a license to carry are up 7,000%.

    As some internet wit or other said in 2018: after the Pittsburgh Tree of Life attack, every synagogue in America, and every yeshiva in America, should have a gun range in the basement and its own competitive rifle team.

  2. October 7 proved that Jews shouldn’t even leave their security to other Jews. You are your own first responder.

    • Indeed, and it also proved that Israel desperately needs a 2nd Amendment.

      I like to say that self defense is a natural right — even mushrooms understand self defense. (Ask any Amanita.)

  3. Suprise, surprise. But why is it all of a sudden a Jewish thing? I mean the first synagogue was here in the 1700’s?
    And for being the self-proclaimed smartest people in the world. Your just now getting around to understanding the why’s and how’s of American freedom?
    Or even the human rights factors of the self defense?
    I think God chose you because your race/religion always recorded the facts straight for the most part. You recorded the bad and good of your leaders from God’s perspective. Most don’t.
    But you’all’s ADL been helping the communists call us Nazi-white-supremist for how long? And your professors have been pushing communism in colleges for a lot longer.
    So, welcome to the party, pal! Fancy meet’in you down here!
    Were all about to learn an age old lesson in governance. And race got nothing to do with it.
    And we need to quit thinking 2A is a right. It’s a glaring neon sign the government has turned criminal.
    Anyone that would disarm you is a criminal. Treat them as such.
    It’s not a hard concept. And you’all Jews been a punching bag example of it for like all of recorded human history!

    • As has been pointed out by better writers than myself (and I’m paraphrasing here, so excuse me): Only someone who knows their actions will be resisted, would render people unable to resist.

      The Second Amendment is not “the right” — it enshrines and protects the right.

      The Second Amendment is also the proverbial “canary in the coal mine”; if it’s under attack, the rest of the Bill of Rights is as well, just more quietly. And if 2A goes, expect the rest of the BoR to soon follow.

      As has also been pointed out, a politician’s stance on the Second Amendment is a strong indicator of his/her stance on the other nine, regardless of what else they say.

  4. And why is the AI picture of Asians? Is that part of the program? It can’t depict Jew’s defending themselves?
    No big fur hats and hair curls? WTH? No frontlets and 45’s?

    • I tried getting it to depict Jewish people, but it insisted I should not have an image which stereotyped the physical appearance of people.

      • The AI insisted on racial diversity (and equity and inclusion) in your image generation prompts?

        Hey, LLM developers: Tell us again how AI is totally objective and inherently free from bias!

      • Someone is lying to you. It’s not like Asians, blacks, or us round eyes don’t have a distinctive physical appearance. Someone programmed in a special rule for Jews.

  5. Can you guess which demographic group is now taking advantage of the Second Amendment?

    That’s the wrong question. The right question is, “How will they vote?”

    Taking advantage of the Second Amendment is all fine and good for now, but will American Jews continue to overwhelmingly vote for pols who support groups that would gladly see Jews assaulted and murdered while actively working to strip their newly-appreciated 2A rights and leave them defenseless against those same groups?

  6. No, Jews should not depend on others to defend them.
    Likewise, anyone with Jews as neighbors or having great influence on their own government should not let them be in charge of your own defense, as they have a history of bad things happening all around them (Holodomor and gulags, for two obvious examples), and today’s Rainbow Bolsheviks don’t appear to have altered their inclinations toward destruction and death of people not from their own tribe.

  7. The instructor who taught my first concealed carry class was a Jewish gun rights activist. He had stories about some of his discussions with fellow Jews. He convinced his Synagogue not to put up “no guns allowed” signs, partly by suggesting the alternative wording “Attention, defenseless Jews inside”. They got the point, but I don’t think he fully convinced very many. It is hard to convince people by logic to give up opinions they have not arrived at by logic.

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