2 thoughts on “I Question Your Motivation

  1. I question not only their motivation; like the man who, when asked about his feelings on killing human beings, replied, that he has never killed human beings, only communists, I question their humanity.

  2. There is a foreign film called Mosul. It’s kind of a grade “B” affair about the Nineveh swat team fighting in the waning days of ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.
    In one scene the swat guys just pull out knives and execute a couple of ISIS prisoners.
    A new guy asks; “We don’t question prisoners before we execute them now?”
    The captain just replies; “We’ve already heard all their answers.”
    Anyway, the movie is an excellent depiction of urban warfare and Murphy’s law in action.
    My point is why question their motives anymore? “We already heard all their answers.”
    And as uncivilized as that sounds. One only need look at the death and destruction around us to understand their motives.
    No civilized society has ever put up with the homeless junkie 100,000 death per year body-count. Along with the human wasteland left in it’s wake. Coupled with a ISIS class invasion.
    We already know their motives.
    Gun-control? Never again. And unlike Israel, we should mean it.

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