Why Americans Own Firearms

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Joe Biden thinks Americans own firearms in case they need to fight the American military. That’s not a thing.

Americans own firearms (in part) so that anyone who tries to bring tyranny to this country will never be safe outdoors, nor will their extended families.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Posted on X January 19, 2023

This is just a small part of it. But it is a very significant part of it.

And fighting the military can be a thing. It just would not be a stand up face-to-face fight. The private citizens would chose their targets and times to preserve their own lives and resources while causing the military as much expense as possible. One AP round from a suppressed rifle from 400 yards away can take out a vehicle engine parked in the open. It would take hours to even be noticed. The dollar ratio would 1,000 to one or better.Helicopters and airplanes would have an even higher payback.

Sabotage and destruction of military manufacturing and warehouses of new construction and spares also get a good ratio. And then consider the civilian side of government infrastructure at the ATF, FBI, and the IRS. Think about the ratio of a Molotov Cocktail into a fiber optic communications hut, a few bullets into a substation, or a thermite grenade on a water main to a government building. Just a few people can cause 10’s of millions of dollars of damage per month.

It’s not anything that will result in capitulation after a year, but it will degrade their ability to be tyrants and decrease moral.

The primary targets will become more and more vulnerable as the living conditions and life spans of their minions degrade.

A thermite grenade burning through a water main


10 thoughts on “Why Americans Own Firearms

  1. Also known as guerilla warfare.

    We know this is a particular vulnerability of the U.S. military. Recent and not-so-recent examples abound.

  2. Certain things I don’t have to explain myself to the government over. Firearms is one of them.
    That needs to be clarified as government has a short memory. Adherence the 2A protects them as much as it does me.
    Cause 2A? That’s the exact reason the last batch of absolutists got kicked off the continent. Just like today, they put up with way more than we should have.
    Gun-control was a step to far. It was called the shot heard around the world for a reason.
    As tyrants only learn the hard way.

  3. Americans don’t have to worry much about fighting their own military.

    The military is a massive, complex system requiring a constant stream of food, fuel, cash, parts, equipment, ammunition, and myriad other supplies and support. Without this, it would quickly wither a collapse.

    To fight a hostile, rogue American military, the people need only to stop working and stop their neighbors from doing the same. Throw a few wrenches in a few machines and that’s that. If anyone tries to force you to work, that’s when things may get ugly.

    • Don’t forget utilities and roads – they would be in big trouble if they lost electricity, water, or regular deliveries.
      This has happened by accident a couple times due to storms recently.

  4. Anyone who has ever worked in a large bureaucratic organization, public or private, and attempted to achieve significant positive results over a long term has a Master’s Degree in “How to Cripple an Organization’s Effectiveness” whether or not they were successful in achieving those significant positive results.

  5. If you watch self-defense (or any other) videos, you conclude that there are surveillance cameras absolutely everywhere. Not to mention drones. The surviving Englishmen seem to have a comprehensive program to disable these.

    • There are cameras everywhere n some places… I can show you large areas that have none, especially rural and small town areas.
      And many places that do have them, the systems are owned and rub by many entities that don’t communicate with each other and may have incompatible file systems and software.
      While cameras are a concern, they aren’t as big a concern as sometimes made out to be.

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