Civil Rights Advocates are Macho – Pathetic Imbeciles

Quote of the Day

Just cuz you assholes want to make doing the right thing difficult, doesn’t mean you’re right. Your little dick syndrome is killing random ppl.. how macho – pathetic imbeciles

Alex (@MattyV303)
Tweeted on October 27, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

I find it very telling that Alex has a nothing but a string of insults for people standing up for a specific enumerated right.

Protecting the civil rights of everyone does mean we are right.


2 thoughts on “Civil Rights Advocates are Macho – Pathetic Imbeciles

  1. Ha, that’s a shit-lib, useful idiot commie for you. Spitting insults at you while the infestation of vibrants being imported by his friends is about to knife him in the back.
    Try spouting that crap in So. Central, or darker Detroit, there Alex.
    I’m positive they would love to hear your insulting theories.

  2. Gee, by his “argument”, he didn’t say anything that was worthy of First Amendment Protection. He should have to get a license to speak either orally or textually. He should have a background check done on him to ensure that he actually knows something about the subject he wants to speak on, and that he knows how to operate the mechanism by which he speaks (If that test becomes so difficult that he must show the ability of a Churchill or a Lincoln, or a John Adams in order to speak, that is what it takes to make the public safe from such rabble-rousing hatespeech such as his. After all, if he were to have his way, ordinary people would have to show the ability of Jerry Michelak or Bob Munden, (rest his soul) in order to exercise a specifically enumerated constitutional right, that’s the breaks. Even if he compared the standard to requiring astronaut certification to fly a small plane. Safety first and hang the rights.

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