GOA Taking up NRA Slack

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A zealous gun rights group, even more uncompromising than the once formidable National Rifle Association, is emerging as a force in US politics with a mission to oppose efforts at gun control and ease further America’s already lax regulations on firearms.

Last year the Gun Owners of America (GOA) spent $3.3m on lobbying, a record sum for the hardline foe of gun control that now claims over 2 million members and activists, and has previously operated in the shadows of the larger NRA.

Peter Stone
November 17, 2023
As the NRA fades, a more zealous US pro-gun group rises as a lobbying power

Good to know.

I don’t think lobbying is the best place to spend the money. The courts are where most of the productive action is at the moment. But developing the infrastructure and skills for lobbying probably is a good thing.


10 thoughts on “GOA Taking up NRA Slack

  1. Ya, the battle lines are pretty much already drawn. With hard commies going straight to legislation. With desperation that something sticks. It’s about all they got left.
    To, “further America’s already lax regulations on firearms.”
    Truly funny is that it’s coming from a British newspaper. Wrote by a journalist who doesn’t have the reading comprehension to understand the application of “Shall not be infringed” in the law, and on society at large?
    Proven time and again to be the only tool against tyrannical absolutism. Kind of like what the British have suffered under for thousands of years.
    Or does he, and he’s just a lying commie shit-bag?
    The real question is why do we need a free press? They sale themselves to any/every tyrant like a $20 hooker at a Clinton convention.
    And always have.
    Let’s make him prove his character to get a license to print crap?
    $10,000 dollar fine and 10 years in jail for lying on the application?
    Maybe he should concern himself with the already lax knife laws in London and go figure why they never work?
    What an ignorant tool. No wonder our forefather were willing to kill’em.
    F–k’in annoying.

  2. “The courts are where most of the productive action is at the moment.”

    And that is why I became a Life Member of the Second Amendment Foundation. They sue the shit out of infringing petty tyrants and their government entities from coast to coast. My current NRA membership expires on 11-30-27 and will not be renewed unless some big changes are made, especially getting rid of that useless Wayne LaPierre that uses the NRA as his own personal piggy bank.

  3. I wonder what happens when groups like GOA and FPC lead the press to characterize the NRA as ‘moderate’…
    Can the NRA take up the mantle of the ‘Common Sense’ firearm policy group and re-define ‘common Sense’ firearm legislation to be in line with RKBA?

    • And continue to have it be WaLAP’s personal piggy bank?
      Not very likely.
      I don’t know where Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Second Amendment Foundation locate their Headquarters, but I would bet they are farther from the White House and the Capitol than the NRA. When you want to go to all the cool kids’ parties and meet the hot chicks, you lose your focus as a force for good and liberty.

      • SAF is based in Bellevue, Washington. (State, not D.C.)

        FPC is in Las Vegas, NV.

        Hard to get much further from D.C. and the White House without leaving the continental U.S.

        GOA is headquartered in Springfield, VA, so significantly closer.

  4. As the years went by and more of the actual heavy lifting for RKBA was done by GOA and the Second Amendment Foundation, I had to move my support to them.
    IMO, the NRA has become little more than a support mechanism Wayne LaPierre and his cronies.

  5. I guess I have to take another look at GOA. I used to shun them as all talk and no action but am seeing some action of late. I have diverted my NRA contributions to SAF for reasons stated elsewhere in the thread but I do have reservations about a pure litigation strategy. Ultimately, that is dependent on the Supreme Court which is weak now and the Left is trying to make it weaker. More summary judgments are needed. Left’s strategy is to pass one unconstitutional law after another and count on the courts to take years. In the meantime, they get their unconstitutional laws and time for the SC to turn over.

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