The Hazards of Conversion Kit Prosecutions

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Switches are illegal and highly dangerous devices that convert semiautomatic firearms into machine guns. These devices threaten public safety and make the gun violence problem even worse.

Kevin Ritz
U.S. attorney for the federal district in West Tennessee.
May 22, 2023
Federal agents, prosecutors going after machine-gun conversion devices in Tennessee

I would bet Ritz cannot answer Just One Question, yet he is prosecuting people doing things which will soon become legal via the Bruen decision.

Ritz should be charged, arrested, prosecuted, and given a fair trial.

In the mean time he should worry about some of those cheap and easy to make machine-gun conversion devices showing up in boxes on his door step, in his vehicles, and in his brief case, followed by anonymous tips.


One thought on “The Hazards of Conversion Kit Prosecutions

  1. 81 murders in 3 months. How many were even committed with one of those silly switches they are prosecuting people over? No matter.
    If they were serious and not just being political. Pre-crime arrests of black youths would be thru the roof. Instead of going after someone with a piece of plastic that doesn’t even work that well.
    But the real problem is in juries that convict on this crap. Or grand juries that hand down indictments.
    Politicians and prosecutors are one thing. But average people going along with this is true social rot.
    That’s what spells big trouble for our country.

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