Happy Preliminary Injunction Day, Illinois!

Quote of the Day

The Supreme Court in
Bruen and Heller held that citizens have a constitutional right to own and possess
firearms and may use them for self-defense. PICA seems to be written in spite of the clear directives in Bruen and Heller, not in conformity with them. Whether well-intentioned, brilliant, or arrogant, no state may enact a law that denies its citizens
rights that the Constitution guarantees them. Even legislation that may enjoy the
support of a majority of its citizens must fail if it violates the constitutional rights of fellow citizens. For the reasons fully set out below, the overly broad reach of PICA
commands that the injunctive relief requested by Plaintiffs be granted.

Stephen P. McGlynn
April 28, 2023
Harrel v. Raoul

It is a nice ruling but it is at the district level. I don’t think the appeals court will be as friendly.

Via Miles in the comments. The title of this post was stolen from him.

See also SAF Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Illinois Semi-Auto Ban. The FPC was also involved in this. I donate thousands of dollars to them each year. It is money well spent. Please consider donating as well.

The decision has already been appealed.


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  1. PICA? Smells like desperation more than anything.
    And thanks for all your donations, Joe. You really pick up the slack for us dead-beats. You can be proud of all the lives you and your friends have saved.
    Thanks again!

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