The Second Amendment is Nonsense

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For years, an element of the gun-owning community has been belligerently defensive without ever acknowledging this problem. They certainly have not proposed any real, viable solution.

So I would say that the rest of us need to stop mollifying them. Forget all that nonsense about the Second Amendment…

If others won’t say it, I will: We do not need 400 million guns in our society — and there are very strong reasons to get rid of almost all of them.

Russ Baker
April 24, 2023
Why Nearly All of America’s 400 Million Guns Have Got To Go

Stack up buttercup.

Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.


21 thoughts on “The Second Amendment is Nonsense

  1. So, you’re anti-gun? You want to confiscate my property by suspending the Constitution, having the government issue a general warrant, using force to violently come into my home?

    Then boot up, suit up, and get in the stack on my door. If you are not willing to kill me with YOUR guns to take MY guns, then you are NOT serious enough about ‘gun control.’

  2. I quote:
    Obviously, law enforcement, the US military, and members of those “well-regulated” militias would be exempted.

    The man’s not against guns, he’s against guns in the hands of people he doesn’t like.

    There’s a meme out there that has a picture of a scene from Schindler’s List and the line ‘I saw a movie once where only the police and military had guns’…,the history behind that movie, along with his wanting to imprison anyone for 20 years if caught still possessing semi-auto rifles after his fantasy ban is enacted, should be more than enough to confirm that he’s nothing more than another wanna-be fascist tyrant.

    I always wonder if these tin horns are so stupid, that if things ever did go kinetic, they are of the mistaken belief that they will be immune from the consequences of what they had started, what with Bill Clinton’s Rules of Engagement being used.

  3. Read the Wikipedia article on this weirdo. He has no place to talk about paranoid fears. He won’t disclose his marital status or where he lives because being an “investigative journalist” someone might show up at his door.

    His “investigative journalism” mainly consists of trying to imply that George H. W. Bush was involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy. He also has said that he’s open to the possibility of 9/11 being an inside job.

    The part about not revealing his marital status is a tell, actually. Most likely he is an incel loser who doesn’t want to be humiliated by the truth, the way Megan Kelly humiliated Keith Olbermann recently.

  4. 400 million guns? Sounds kind of light to me. Truth be known the government has no way of knowing how many guns are in this country.
    Like the 12 million illegals they talked about for 30 years. The whole time the border was wide open.
    For which cause alone if Russ had a brain he would be thinking about getting a few guns for himself. (They ain’t fighting age males for no reason, Russ.)
    And Russ, no matter how much you worship clown-world, with your crap-think logic. They’re still going to make you eat bugs.
    Notice I said make you. Cause no one can make us do shit we don’t want to.

    • These estimates on the number of guns based on the functional life of guns. In other words, it’s not unusual for estimates published by Big Gun Control to assume that guns wear out in 10 years because that reduces the size of the perceived problem. Substitute a more realistic number and the numbers increase. Many guestimate in the 600 million range. Recognize the fact that many if not most guns are still functional after a century and the guesstimate increases to over a billion. How many Moison Nagant shooters are there? I shoot a century old rifle when I go back to the family farm.

      I haven’t decided if Big Gun Control purposefully understates the number of guns in order to sell their gun control proposals or they simply haven’t a clue. Occam’s Razor suggests the latter.

      • 10 year functional life? Bizarre. Other than rusting out from being left in the rain, do guns realistically wear out at all? I suppose parts occasionally fail, but even that (for quality manufacturers) seems to be uncommon.

      • Man, then Big Gun Control is going to be sorely surprised by the contents of my gun safe! I have an entire safe devoted to milsurps and not a one in there is less than 60 years old. Quite a few pushing a century or more and all fully functional.

        I love people who know nothing about the subject opining with anything resembling what they think is expertise! My 1896 Swedish Mauser #2705 begs to differ!

  5. “Remembering the words of Nehemiah the Prophet: ‘The trowel in hand and the gun rather loose in the holster.’” –T.S. Eliot

    “I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.” –Clint Eastwood

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized
    nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our
    police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the
    future.” –Adolf Hitler, 1935

    If the government bans guns (which will never happen in the United States), they need to ban cars. Cars kill people. Trains kill people. Planes kill people.

    • Trains are OK because the government controls them. But socialists don’t like cars a whole lot better than they like guns.

  6. Pssst…hey Russ, if the 2nd goes away, guess what? We *still* have the right to own guns.
    The right doesn’t go away just because the Constitution gets amended, it was always a human right to have arms.
    The only folks that have ever limited that right throughout human existence are the goons in charge.

    • Spot on. What the second amendment really says is that governments that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms can no longer call themselves a free state. This goes a long way towards explaining California Governor Gavin Newsom’s statement that “California is the freest state in the union”. By the second amendment, California is, in fact, a tyranny.

    • Guy, you’re exactly right, and in fact that point was brought up (I think by the ratifying convention in MA) when the Bill of Rights was being ratified. They called it “redundant”, and it is. But redundancy, as engineers know, is often useful. In the case of the Constitution, it makes it slightly harder for politicians to piss all over that right.

      Without the 2nd Amendment, Federal gun laws are still illegal, both by not being in Article 1 Section 8 (emphasized by the 10th Amendment) and by the 9th Amendment.

  7. second amendment litigation at the federal level, and resultant published decisions, does not comprise a huge amount of decisions. i don’t ever recall reading one that said the second amendment is “nonsense.”

    i might suggest that those worthies who were politically active during revolutionary war times, and were involved in the formation and structure of the american state governments and federal government, (and the amendments adopted to that structure), were not and are not regarded as frivolous types involved in “nonsense.”

    in short, the commentator’s suggestion that we regard the 2nd amendment as “nonsense” suggests that we regard him/her/its/they as something of an idiot, and spouting idiocy.

  8. Once again we are told that among 9 amendments limiting government power, the second only exists to give government the right to arm its soldiers.

  9. Get rid of the Illegal Aliens first…
    There are Less of them.

    Then…. we can Fight about the 400 million firearms and that Pesky con-stee-2shown.

  10. “If others won’t say it, I will: We do not need 400 million guns in our society — and there are very strong reasons to get rid of almost all of them.”

    If others won’t say it, I will: We do not need 100 million foreigners in our society — and there are very strong reasons to get rid of almost all of them.

    There. I fixed it.

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