Politicians Lie—It’s What They Do

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So I was proud to be the most pro-gun pro-Second Amendment president you’ve ever had in the White House. I think that’s been acknowledged. And, with your support in 2024, I will be your loyal friend and fearless champion once again as the 47th president of the United States.

Donald Trump
April 14, 2023
Trump to NRA: I’ll Be ‘Your Loyal Friend, Fearless Champion’

Really? So let’s talk about bump stocks for about 30 seconds.

How do you know if a politician is lying? That’s right. His lips are moving.

I will give him credit for some great judges. But he is not loyal.


20 thoughts on “Politicians Lie—It’s What They Do

  1. Tactics, to prevent something worse. I am not convinced he was right about that or that the action was even legal but that was clearly the motive. Bump stocks are a range toy/technique that the dirtbag in Vegas was able to weaponize.

    Matt Bracken called the shot like Tom Clancy did about 9-11 but no one was paying attention. No bump stocks as I recall but area fire on a large crowd.

    For myself, I am more interested in extracting what the FBI knew and when about the shooter. Their recent attempt to do that was ridiculous and just another level of coverup.

    • “Bump stocks are a range toy/technique that the dirtbag in Vegas was able to weaponize.”
      1) All the equipment was brand new. Which makes it tight and hard to make work as designed.
      2) 5.56 ammo has light recoil, which is what make bump stocks work. So, they don’t work all that well on a good day anyway.
      3) Add a downward angle and a heavy 100 round magazine. A bump stock would not work under those conditions. AK-47? Yes. But not a brand new AR in 5.56. It didn’t happen.
      The FBI lied throw their teeth. They also said he shot holes in an AV gas tank at 600 yards. That didn’t happen either. No 5.56 ammo made could do that.
      The list of didn’t happens on that OP is monster big.
      It only looked like a cover up to us. but it was an OP by the FBI, they just through some lousy lies out for the media to report. It was in your face murder of deplorables.
      To get what Carl mentions below.
      If Trump wasn’t in on it. He certainly didn’t have enough intellect to see through it. And just happened to end up giving the deep state everything they wanted out of the deal?
      F–k Trump. And everything he says.

      • Anyone who believe the official narrative about the Mandalay Bay music event shooting is either not paying attention, or has limited critical thinking abilities. There are a couple of alternate “tinfoil hat” explanations that are far more plausible and technically feasible than the official story, which has so many holes it moonlights as a pasta strainer.

        • Truth!
          I was, however, thinking of Expanded Metal Lath for Stucco.

    • Everyone can get zoomed. He should admit it and gain credibility.

    • Good post!
      And as you point out the NRA have played the loyal opposition to the commies for a lot longer than we have been alive.
      Trump still sucks.

    • You’d think they’d know better by now. If it weren’t for the fact that the NRA is the bogeyman, I would be completely unsupportive and shift everything to Alan Gura and his organization. They use it much better than the NRA flunkies who want to get invited to all the cool DC parties and invited to sit at the cool kids table.

  2. And I’m going to say this again. Politicians don’t lie.
    They commit perjury.
    A contract, especially a social contract, based on a lie is null and void, unenforceable under the law. And Notwithstanding under any vestige other than they just do it, because they can get away with it.
    Lying after they take the oath is perjury. And lying to get in office automatically disqualifies them to run.
    And everyone from Tucker Carlson to the local rest home needs to start pointing that out to them.
    They need to know we consider them criminals for doing it.

    • There are one or two things over the last five years that you have said that I disagree with, but without examining every post, I cannot say what they are. Here, you are completely correct.
      And until I recall what the one or two things are on which I disagree with you, we won’t pretend they exist.

  3. Then again, “most pro gun and pro 2nd Amendment president” isn’t a high bar, considering how most politicians hate the Bill of Rights in general and the 2nd Amendment in particular.

  4. Most pro-second-amendment president ever is more than a bit of a stretch, but most pro (or least anti) second amendment president in a long time is probably true, and a bar that’s so low that the earth’s core is higher.

  5. I can’t recall ever having an actively pro-gun/pro-2A president in my lifetime.

    Bush was the closest. But he openly said he would sign a permanent “assault weapons” ban is the Congress passed it.

    • His dad said he would withdraw his lifetime membership from the NRA. Not that that was a huge financial hardship for him.

  6. Bad move on his part.
    But given that he’s been a New Yorker his whole life and inculcated that “guns are bad” for that whole time I suspect he saw the bump stock ban as an easy sop to the left that would look to the public as if he’d done something. I also suspect he thought it would go down in flames when someone challenged it in court , thus an attitude of “What the hell, this will shut the left up, and shortly it will be overturned. ”

    For good or ill, he’s always been an egotistical person more interested in “winning” than an ethical person interested in doing what’s right. That many of his goals overlap “ours” is fortuitous, and we’d be fools not to support him as long as he’s mostly pushing our values. Don’t expect perfection or purity. Just be glad of the forward movement he generates.
    One yard at a time.

  7. Trump is not and was not the best POTUS. He’s just head and shoulders better than pretty much anyone else who might get the job. Kind of depressing really.

    • Spot on. Trump isn’t even in the running.
      And I don’t think we have had a pro-gun president since George Washington.
      And with the games he let Hamilton play. (Shay’s rebellion), We can’t be real sure about him.

  8. Nice try, Donald, but no cigar.

    Trump is a C-Suite type, thinks in broad strokes from the proverbial “10,000 foot view.” He is used to creating the ideas, leveraging them and having minions executing them, for which he, more or less rightly, takes the credit. Witness the large gold letters spelling his name on everything.

    In the Real World there are procedures, mechanisms and consequences, and those extend, usually, not from 10,000 feet but from “down in the weeds.” He achieved a lot in Washington but failed miserably in the long run because from 10,000 feet it was impossible to the small details “down in the weeds” that were being created to oppose him, and he not only chose very wrongly on the minions who do have to work down in the weeds to get stuff done, he picked people who were already if not on the other side, at least understood how easily the other side would outlast and undermine him.

    The 2nd Amendment is a lofty ideal, a policy statement; it has existed as long as the ratified Constituton and the language has never changed, but it has also never been fully implemented. Why not? Because to make it work one has to get “down in the weeds” at the levels way, way below the Constitution, to governors, state legislatures, county commissions, and….The People. Especially The People who have to enforce the consequences of disobedience from the Power Structure, and that is the literal definition of “down in the weeds” – milllions of votes….and the mechanisms which tally them. Leveraging from the C-Suite goes only so far, then you have to sit across from people, eye-to-eye, and create bonds and bindings at the retail level, and in politics it is different from business; in business the dollar commands respect and obedience, in politics it’s the offer, then enabling delivery, of well-hidden power, power that provides respect.

    That is not something Trump is good at. At all. And, in Washington, at least, he demonstrated not only a lack of understanding about the process, mechanisms and consequences of all that.

    It’s long been a truism that “positive change cannot be achieved with a children’s crusade,” and the same is true about proclamations from the C-Suite. Wholesale and retail must work together, neither can stand alone and it is a long, tough, all day, every day, slog through the weeds.

    Who is the right guy? We’ll spend the next 12 months trying to find out and hoping we get it right, and get it right we must – we’re at our Last Chance.

  9. ‘Can’t we just take the guns now and worry about Due Processes later’.

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