Is He Stupid, Insane, and/or Evil?

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“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Well, if that’s the case, why don’t we just replace all our fire extinguishers with flamethrowers?

David Hogg @davidhogg111
Tweeted on April 8, 2023

This doesn’t really deserve an answer but I’ll supply one anyway. Guns extinguish bad guys better than flamethrowers extinguish house fires.

This is like someone, I hate to admit I’m related to, who once asked, “How can we call this a free country when health care is not free?”

I supposed he could be trolling, but I’m not convinced he is that smart. I’m going with stupid, insane, and/or evil.


14 thoughts on “Is He Stupid, Insane, and/or Evil?

  1. How about “yes”?

    Clearly Harvard and Stanford are currently involved in a “race to the bottom”.

  2. I’m guessing he’s never lived anywhere that needed a back-fire to create a firebreak to get a forest fire under control. Geepers, I wonder what those guys used to start those back-fires…

  3. How’s this for an answer…

    …guns are not fire extinguishers.

    In other news, hammers are not screwdrivers. Use the right tool for the right job. The rules for one tool don’t always map to another tool. Safety with a table saw is not the same as safety with a power drill.

    Guns can be used to defend as well as to attack, because nobody wants to get shot. This doesn’t apply to fire, which is not afraid of more fire.

  4. As pkoning says, yes.
    To funny. Tread comments were brutal. (All three of them.)
    And that’s the most telling. Hoggy couldn’t even get the chat-bots to back him up on something that stupid. Hilarious!

  5. David the Cowardly Hogg just said that Marsha Blackburn is a mass murderer and Mao was a nice innocent teddy bear.

  6. It all depends on what you think the problem is:

    If you have a problem with an arson, fighting the fire with an extenguisher will take longer than the arson starting another fire. A flame thrower might be effective against an arson.

    If he thinks the gun is the problem, then his argument is consistent with that delusion. If the shooter is the problem, then his argument is stupid.

  7. Flamethrowers might not be effective at stopping a small fire, but they’re probably fairly effective at stopping a school shooter. Nothing stops a bad guy like sudden, acute immolation.

    Maybe we should have fire extinguishers, flamethrowers, and guns.

  8. David Hogg

    (taps finger on desk)

    Isn’t he that spindly, dishonest, unacomplished man-child who thinks he is so much more than he will ever be?

    Why would any MAN waste a precious second of his limited time on Earth noticing this maroon’s infantile dribbling?

  9. “Well, if that’s the case, why don’t we just replace all our fire extinguishers with flamethrowers?”
    Or we could just shoot the arsonist. And as already mentioned, flamethrowers work on arsonist quite all also.
    (The same way you are affecting ivy league IQ ratings.)

  10. David Pigg has the IQ of a soap bubble. He makes actual swine look like geniuses.
    He’s only quoted by the media because it serve their agenda and he has somehow made a “name” for himself. A notoriety not earned and not deserved.
    The correct response to idiots like him is to say “Shut up moron, when we want your opinion we’ll give it to you. Till then go sit at the children’s table where you belong”.

  11. In Mr. Hogg’s case, I think he’s probably fairly bright, trolling (in this instance), but above all, he’s desperate.
    I think the free money spigot that has funded his lifestyle for the last 4-5 years is drying up and he has realized that he has no marketable skills other than semi- professional agitator, and a single issue agitator at that.
    He’s just throwing marginally clever tweets out there hoping something sticks and the checks keep coming in for another few weeks.

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