Changing minds through coercion

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The same cultural rot that produced trigger warnings, produced the obsession with announcing (and insisting on) preferred pronouns.

It stems from wanting to change someone else’s mind about something without having to do the work associated with argumentation & persuasion.

Don Kilmer @donkilmer
Tweeted on March 4th, 2023

There is probably more effective than you realize.

If you can change someone’s behavior, even at the point of a gun, you have gone a great way toward changing their mind. Repetitive actions builds a habit. This is an actual change in the brain. The more frequently used neural pathways become more myelinated. This speeds up the speed of conduction. Those responses, even if coerced, then become the default action.The mind has, literally, been changed.

Most actions and things people say are not carefully thought out. Ask someone why they did or said something, and they will search for and give a reason, many times this is even if there was no such reason before you asked. When a person’s behavior, even through coercion, has changed they will find those “reasons”. It is very difficult to change such minds through logic and facts.


2 thoughts on “Changing minds through coercion

  1. When I got my MBA, one of the professors used to say, “Behavior changes Attitude.”
    Everything that was ever instituted for a good purpose has been co-opted and suborned to evil.

    We regularly point out how Leftist Democrat (but I repeat myself) policies and laws make life worse, and wonder how people can continue to propose such things, but that result is not a bug but a feature. They have decided to follow what Satan said to God before being thrown into the pit. That was the same thing Khan said to Captain Kirk in “Space Seed”; “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” Unfortunately so many of us who have not made that decision for ourselves.

  2. Funny how the brain works. It seems one would have to give up ones own defense to fall into that trap?
    Being old, and having my ass kicked enough. When someone suggests the absurd. The guard come up to full alert.
    If one expresses pronouns to you. Tell them it a lovely fantasy they have on today. Now where were we?
    It seems we have allowed a whole generation to be uncomfortable in their own skin. And unable to defend themselves.
    The announcement of pronouns is a challenge to your norm. It’s a demand one believe an unreality. It should be answered as such. If not every interaction with it will only double-down.
    The law stands. One can only join insanity, or reject it. You ain’t never going to live with it.

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