Quote of the day—Art Daddy @tumbled_heroes

Everyone open carrying is over compensating for other short cummings. That’s all they’re doing. Not for safety or security, but out of shame.

Art Daddy @tumbled_heroes
Tweeted on November 13, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Of course they are an artist. It is about the feelings and not the science, morality, or the law. And with it all about the feelings they think childish insults can override anything they feel strongly about.

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Art Daddy @tumbled_heroes

  1. When we execute the gun control supporters for their crimes against humanity, we should display their naked corpses so that normal people can see just what shriveled little worms they have (and are).

  2. Sounds to me like someone’s missing their group therapy lately?
    Side note Joe, Try not to link to gay hook-up Twitter threads. Even if there were no guns in the world. They would still be talking about penis size.

  3. So I’m supposed to believe that people do something openly, because they are ashamed?

    Shouldn’t that be an argument against concealed carry?

    Come to think of it, on a different note, if this pitiful excuse for logic we’re to hold, how come everyone is wearing pants at anti-gun rallies?

  4. You’d think if they were going to take some kind of moral stand that they’d at least use proper grammar in their insults. Or are they being clever with terms like “short cummings” as some form of double entendre? My British friends would be proud if that is the case at the clever attempt at wordplay on “tosser” but somehow I suspect this is not the case. Or maybe it is.

    I always find anti-gun projection of their own sexual inadequacies, or in this case lack of distance, amusing. As you say, Joe, they have penis references, we have Supreme Court rulings.

  5. I’m compensating for the fact that I’m getting older and slower and I really don’t want to be in a fight.

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