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We know from the executive order released by the Biden administration on March 9, which required several federal agencies to study digital currencies and to identify ways to regulate them, that CBDCs and other policies governing digital assets must mitigate “climate change and pollution” and promote “financial inclusion and equity.

What does this mean, exactly?

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) earlier this year, one zealous central planner clearly stated that the intent of traceable and programmable CBDCs is to monitor, “where you are traveling, how you are traveling, what you are eating, what you are consuming – individual carbon footprint tracker.

MN Gordon
December 2, 2022
Will Your State Reject the Fed’s Digital Dollar?
[They make it so appealing. Why would anyone reject it?

See also here and here for additional benefits.—Joe]


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  1. Of course we already have “digital dollars” — our money is, for the most part, just bits in government computers. Only a tiny fraction comes in greenbacks, and even those are just pretty paper pictures.
    Real money (precious metal or other suitable non-inflatable stuff) is looking more and more appealing.

    • One of the BRICS proposals floating around is a currency base on a market basket of real stuff-oil, wheat, fertilizers, lithium etc. If such a thing were to happen and if adequate discipline were imposed, then I would predict it would be the demise of the dollar as the global reserve currency. This would mean short-term pain here as we would no longer be able to export our inflation but in the long-run, Americans and everyone else would benefit from a non-fiat currency.

      • Interesting. But hard money means money that is non-perishable, fungible, portable — like gold coins are. While certainly other things can be money, and have been in the distant past (e.g., salt, which is where “salary” comes from), gold and silver have won that competition as the better choice many centuries ago.
        For example, wheat has inherent value but not much, and it certainly is perishable. One could imagine “wheat certificates” — paper money said to be backed by that asset, as “gold certificate” bank notes once were. But you’d still be relying on the integrity of banks and governments, and the reality would still be mostly bits in computers.

        I do agree it’s a better option. It would be great to destroy the economic quacks who have perpetrated the “2% inflation goal” as if it made sense. The reality is that they picked that number because they want inflation to help their government bosses, and 2% is the number they figure they can get away with without causing a citizen revolt.

  2. Ya, that crap ain’t going to work. No wonder the communist media isn’t making a big deal out of FTX and Mr. Bank-Fried.
    They wouldn’t want people understanding the level of control they want over them through currency. Just as everyone in FTX was great one day. Then sorry, it’s gone.
    Nationalized crypto Is going to go over as well as a turd in the punch bowl on prom night.
    And only an elitest moron could dream of using it as a weapon of control.
    Who’s got the fat crypto-wallet in NC right now? Talk about a fragile supply chain!
    Do the cartels get a vote on this one? You just going to cut them out over- night? Trade in all those 50’s and 100’s for worthless digitals the government controls?
    What happens when all those homeless junkies can’t buy the junk anymore? You think their crazy while on that shit. Watch what happens when they can’t get it.
    The future is looking pretty sporty!

    • Ya, they don’t care. Their daddies were probably the ones running Hitler.
      And digitals are the easiest way for them to control hyper-inflation. And the general inflation-deflationary cycles that allow them to steal everything you own.
      At this point we have to think of it as the Margue de Sade economic program. It’s a big S&M club. Guess who’s chained up with a big M branded on their ass?

  3. The end of the dollar IS coming. The only thing we can do is try to prepare for that day. The criminals in power will NOT be deterred because moving from the current system to the proposed CBDC system will give them almost godlike power over the economic activity of everyone in the country.

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