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Gun control is “collective punishment,” punishing everyone for the acts of a few. It’s considered a war crime under Article 33 of the Geneva Conventions. No civilian can be “punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.” https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/ihl/WebART/380-600038

Richard Poe @RealRichardPoe
Tweeted on May 25, 2022
[Via Chuck Petras @Chuck_Petras.


But it appears this applies to the occupying force in regards to the treatment of the civilians. The Geneva Convention probably doesn’t apply to a country acting against their own citizens.

But still, just being able to say, “Under the Geneva Convention, this is considered a war crime” can be powerful in a sound bite environment. Or, if Civil War II were declared…—Joe]


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  1. I’ve seen something to the effect that the Geneva Accords, by which ever name they’re known, don’t apply inside a more or less intact nation. Yay! Hollow points!

      • Hollow points are banned by the Hauge conventions, not Geneva. These don’t apply in internal struggles either which is why hollow point use by police is close to universal.

    • That’s true: the Geneva Conventions only apply to conflict between signatory nation-states.

      So, when the US went to war with Afghanistan, the Geneva Convention applied because, for better or worse, the Taliban were the political inheritors of that signatory nation. But when the USA went to war with Al Qaeda, which does not represent a nation-state, there was a statement and an order that the US military “would behave as if it were bound by the Geneva Conventions” even though it was not required to. That was necessary because Al Qaeda persons were not entitled to any of the protections of the Geneva conventions, and it would not have been a war crime to take the Geneva Convention prohibitions and use them as a to-do list. Instead, if anyone broke those rules, they would be guilt of “disobeying orders”. We already figured that the Al Qaeda types wouldn’t be held to the obligations and restrictions of the Conventions, either. The Taliban could be charged for war crimes; Al Qaeda could not.

      So in the case of declaring Civil War, the Geneva Conventions don’t apply in a struggle over the control of the intact nation, but I suppose they would apply in a war of secession where the existence of a new nation-state from within the territory of an old is declared. Just one problem with that: the original whole state would consider such a thing as an internal civil war, and thus Geneva doesn’t apply, while the new state would consider itself an inheritor of the original signatory, and thus the Geneva Convention would apply, but every element of the Geneva Convention is subject to the principle of reciprocity, which means every provision broken by one side cannot expect the protection of that provision from their foe, but even that can be tempered with the principle of proportionality.

      And in any case, the prohibition of the use of hollow points comes from the Hague Convention, not the Geneva Convention. Ya know which country didn’t sign that specific part of the Hague Convention? The US of A.

  2. Like the not-vaxx and the Nuremberg code. It’s just something else for the communist elitists to ignore.
    “Collective punishment”, is how communism works. Mr. Poe is asking them to give up their greatest tool.
    WWIII and CWII are already well on the way. As we have seen before, they don’t declare them. They just call them “Police actions”, or some such nonsense.
    But the invasion, killing, raping, drugging, and general destruction of society continue unabated, have they not?
    No matter the name, it always comes down to what you are willing to give up to make it all stop.
    Noble mention to Mr. Poe. But, laws, treatise, and conventions are for civilized societies. That world hasn’t existed for a long time. If it ever truly did.
    As we see today it was pretty much just a facade to comfort us as the lizard-brained elitists re-positioned themselves for better control.
    Were going tribal. Better be in a tough one.

  3. What I’m hearing is, terrorists and enemy combatants receive better treatment than our own citizens.

    Huh. Wish I could be more surprised.

  4. LOL! As if the criminals in power gave a rats ass about the Geneva Convention. They don’t give a red rats ass about the Constitution….and that IS the ‘law of the land’. There are no rules for the left save one….WIN!. And they have proven that
    fact repeatedly.

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