Quote of the day—Robert Milby

There’s a very strong sentiment in this county that the governor has just thumbed her nose at the Supreme Court, in what’s being touted as an unconstitutional conniption fit, She’s absolutely overstepped.

Robert Milby
Sheriff of Wayne County New York
October 9, 2022
Another Challenge to New York’s Gun Law: Sheriffs Who Won’t Enforce It
[The courts are telling New York City politicians (I consider the governor as being in this category) the law is unconstitutional and many in law enforcement openly say they will not enforce the law. That’s really going to put the hurt on the anti-gun movement.

If they keep it up we may yet get to enjoy their trials.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robert Milby

  1. Ya, kind of hard to pull-off one of those “do as I say”, things on people that can read.
    “It’s a big party, and you ain’t in it.” Turns out to be a “Big bubble, I’m glad I’m not in.”
    That’s the problem with running in the same crowd for so long. You get to thinking everyone is on the same page, down with the same program. And in communist case, OK with the hypocrisy.
    Big cracks are starting to show all over as the communist world is breaking up.

    • You are more optimistic than me. The commies have seized most of the high ground of the major institutions and commies have never had any inhibitions about using force.

      • The problem with bunching up on high ground is feeding yourself. And now everyone knows where you and yours are.
        They cannot sustain themselves. And they can only steal so much for so long. Lies are being seen clearly now. The ignorance is annoying even the simplest of minds.
        How many experts do you trust these days?
        How many politicians?
        We have them at a great disadvantage my friend, their insane.
        And everyone is starting to see it.

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