Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

The New York Legislature and Gov. Kathy Hochul are making a mockery of the Supreme Court’s ruling in June, which struck down the state’s onerous ‘proper cause’ requirement in June. While they’re playing politics, the rights of law-abiding New York citizens are being cavalierly trampled. We cannot allow that to happen just so anti-gunners in Albany can play games with the constitution, just to see whether they can get away with it.

The fact that New York’s new regulatory scheme essentially prohibits lawful carry in most public places is outrageous. The state is being too clever by half, and we’re confident that the federal courts, with the recent guidance from the Supreme Court on Second Amendment jurisprudence, will bring a quick end to this nonsense.

Alan M. Gottlieb
September 13, 2022
[It is no surprise (read the comments here) to us that the authoritarians cling to authority or that SAF, the FPC, and others will have work to do for many years. But we are making progress.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

  1. Well it ain’t like the yorkies haven’t been at gun control for a hundred years or more?
    Lawlessness is way passed the lifestyle stage for that crew. Its more a birthright for NY politicians to violate the rights of their citizens.
    As Hochul’s smugness proves.
    This is the reason the 2A should have been shoved down their throat when the Sullivan act was passed. But, but, but, the lawyers….. We have to be reasonable.
    What’s amazing is the fact that it’s taken the papered lords 200 years to figure out what the plain language of the constitution speaks to any moron with the ability to hear. Every 6th grader could tell you what the words say plain.
    The real problem is we think these people have intellect and understanding we just can’t conceive. And facts have proven we are 180 degrees out of phase on that one.
    Their not just evil. Their willfully ignorant. And look what it cost.
    No more un-accountability.
    You say it, you do it, you own it. Hochul is murdering criminal.
    And needs to be treated as such.

  2. “We cannot allow that to happen just so anti-gunners in Albany can play games with the constitution, just to see whether they can get away with it.”

    We need to be careful not to make such statements when they clearly run counter to facts in evidence. We should not allow that to happen (politicians and courts playing games with the constitution), but clearly we can allow it, because we’ve been doing it for generations. And, clearly, they can get away with it. Even if their newest laws are struck down, they’ve gotten away with it in terms of never having been prosecuted for their various anti-constitutional crusades. Can anyone name a case in which a politician, judge, prosecutor, etc., has been arrested tried and convicted for violating their oath to the constitution? I bet not. In all of our long and sad history of political corruption and open anti-constitutionalism in this country, show me one such case! That issue of them “getting away with it” is therefore pretty much a guarantee.

    • Not only are they getting away with it, they are just itching for someone to try to violate their law.

  3. It would be good to have faith in the courts enforcing the law again.

    At the moment, I don’t.

  4. Why wouldn’t they ignore the SCOTUS ruling and continue to abuse citizens.
    It’s not as if they will EVER face any meaningful consequences for their abusive

    • I’m not certain of the reason, but they did change the law struck down by SCOTUS in June. It is my belief SCOTUS and other Federal courts will get tired of playing wack-a-mole and impose fines for contempt of court of some such similar sanction.

      • Yes….they change the wording of a law….but not the fundamental structure that is violating the Constitution.
        And just exactly WHO is going to enforce any “sanctions” the SCOTUS may impose on them? The judiciary in America is IMPOTENT. They MUST rely on the Executive Branch to enforce any and all rulings…..and it’s the Executive Branch at both State and Fed level that is behind much of the abuses we suffer. In short NOTHING will change because there is NO LEGAL METHOD in place to enforce changes.

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